There is a tiny bit of dirt still left …

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​This week’s blog is about the releasing the past … 
Why is it that we have the same issues from the past come up again and again?
About your mum 
About your dad 
About your partner 
About your siblings 
Insert eye roll … 

Usually it’s because we’ve not quite finished healing them. 
There might still be a tiny bit of dirt to clean under your finger nails or at the bottom of the pan. 

That’s not to say you haven’t come a LONG way since the original incident. 
In fact, if you only have a tiny bit of dirt left … congratulations!! 
High five!! 
No really … 
You are moving in the right direction. 
Be proud of yourself. 

This week I’ve had some deep conversations with my family about some past stuff. 
In some cases it was emotional and in others calm and considered. 

What was most interesting to me was that we all came to an agreement that we do want to have healthy communication and being authentic. However, some people think authentic is one thing and some think it’s another. 

Makes sense we are different human beings.
Even if we grew up in the same household, we have different views on how things happened. 

Now I believe our focus needs to be on three things … 
1. Self compassion
2. Forgiveness 
3. Grace

Self compassion – being kind to ourselves about anything we perceive we did ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’. Practice being kind to yourself. I did the best that I could under the circumstances, with the tools I had. Now I have a lot more tools than 10 years ago. Don’t you? 

Forgiveness – this is not about letting people get away with being unkind or disrespectful (or worse). It’s about letting go of the toxic feelings and being at peace. Remind yourself daily that you are a perfect soul … and so are your family members. We all just get caught up in our ego personalities sometimes. 

Grace – when I hear this word I think it is about being open-hearted, present and loving. Think about it … when you are gracious … or graceful … it comes from a heart space. Breathe and be as present as you can, no matter what chaos is going on around you. 

Moving forward with my family I am intending to do it with grace. 
That’s how I will be fully authentic. 

If you’d like to do some gentle releasing of the past … and add some tools to your self-healing kit. 
You are invited to come to my Full Moon Releasing Sound Healing on Easter Saturday 20th April @3:00pm …
With special guest Jana playing Tibetan bowls.
Offering you a unique Autumn full moon meditation journey. Warm blankets. Cozy environment.
Then please join us afterwards for a cup of tea and a chat.  
@Cape Woolamai studio. 

Book and pay for your experience by clicking on THIS LINK to my store.
Spaces are limited. *If there is enough interest we will offer a second session on the scheduled date. 
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