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This weeks blog is about having fun … when was the last time you got on the swings at the park? or jumped on a bouncy castle? or screamed down a slide? or hula’ed a Hula Hoop?
Hmmm … was it back when you were 6 years old?
As adults we think that we are not ‘allowed’ to do those things anymore.
And I say …. BOLLOCKS to that!
You know that feeling you have when you are watching the kids play at the park or on the water slide or at the show … you know that feeling deep in your soul … that yearning … the one that says … ‘Sigh … I wish I could play like that.’
Yep, that is your inner child (and the Universe and your angels) calling out to you to PLAY … PLEASE PLAY … you know you want to.
I’ve noticed that there are adult play centres being built around the world to cater for this need we have to play. The equipment is larger than the kids play centres, of course. They are taking off. Adults are loving it.
There are Trampoline Centres, Rope Climbing Centres, and lots more.
Not only is it good for your body to move and jump around, it is also FANTASTIC for your mind. Laughter seems to come with play … it’s a necessary element. Laughter lifts your mood. Makes you feel better about your life. That is why funny movies are so popular … we love to feel good.
Dr. Joan Vernikos, PhD recommends that if we get up and move in a playful way like children we can stay strong, fit and healthy for longer.
So, my friends … move like children … play play play!
See you at the bouncy castle!
Blessings Pip xxx

Link to read more about Dr. Vernikos’ book:

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