The Quickening … out of the ordinary moments

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  • Listen to the podcast episode #127 where I talk about this topic HERE.

As a woman I have had out of the ordinary moments.

Moments of complete knowing and connection.

Moments where I was in your body and not, at the same time.

Moments when my heartbeat synchronized with the greater universe / Mother Earth .

Moments when I could intuitively feel, sense and understand deeply.

Moments when I was so totally absorbed in what I was doing that time stood still and went faster.

Moments where I was having an embodied experience, not a mental experience.

Have you ever had that?

That’s the ‘quickening’ …

I remember being at Machu Picchu in Peru and having a moment that felt like a gong resonating within my body … a GIANT AHA …

It’s something you can only understand if you’ve felt it. It’s not easy to explain in words.

It is something that all women have access to. In fact, Jean Shinoda Bolen says that out of the ordinary moment of Goddess consciousness is when “Goddess and woman are one and the same”. (p129)

What I find with my clients and students (who are 99% women) is that they have had these moments but they don’t realise how significant they are. And they don’t realise that is when they are most empowered and divine. That is when they are fully the sacred Divine Feminine / Goddess!

We’ve been taught to dislike our bodies, detach from our intuition, dismiss our gut feelings, deny our true nature.

No wonder we can feel so disconnected, hopeless and confused.

When you get to a phase in your life where you are questioning EVERYTHING  – any transition or transformational time – for women it is more often at mid-life / menopause, you begin to wander and make time for growth.

In this time it’s possible for you to:

  • Reconnect with your own inner nature
  • Meet what you’ve kept in the shadows
  • Look at what you have been kept from knowing or acknowledging about yourself
  • See clearly the personal and patriarchal world you inhabit
  • Find what you have been cut off from
  • Re-member once vital aspects of yourself
  • Uncover creativity that has been hidden
  • Face your fears and claim your power
  • Learn to be less judgmental and critical of yourself
  • Discover the meaning of your life
  • Sort our possibilities and make order of confusion
  • Learn resilience and trust yourself
  • Gain perspective on your life
  • Have faith in the universal order (and yourself)
  • Be more discerning about who you have in your life
  • Say no to those who want you to help them (at your expense)
  • Stop rescuing others
  • Fulfil your own needs first
  • Allow yourself to become whole

And so much more …

Women don’t share enough about the good or the bad of mid-life, menopause or the other important “out of the ordinary moments” we experience. It’d not encouraged right?

It makes sense that you might be feeling shy to share your experiences.

That’s why I love creating safe spaces for women to share their truth.

In my Workshops. Courses. Spiritual Book Club. Coaching. I encourage all my clients to be honest and open about their life’s quickening experiences, so that they can feel more confident, hopeful, joyful and free to be their true self out there in the world.

You are not alone.

You are part of a Goddess tribe.

You are Divine Feminine.

Quote: “… what if women have been venturing unknowingly into sacred territory and been without words for the experience? Then what was felt deeply and never articulated, shared or put into a context, fades from conscious awareness. … what is unconscious in us still affects our bodies, relationships and dreams.” Page 51-52, Crossing to Avalon by Jean Shinoda Bolen

If you’d like to listen to the podcast episode #127 where I talk about this topic click HERE.

If you’d like to explore this more, you could book in a Divine Alignment Coaching session or a complimentary Divine Discovery call HERE.

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