Would you like to help empower 100 women?

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Have you heard about the ONE HUNDRED WOMEN PROJECT?

  • 100 women reconnected
  • 100 women empowered
  • 100 women aligned
  • 100 women supported
  • 100 women inspired
    When women lift each other up, the world is transformed.

Would you like to be a part of my mission for 2023?
I am committed to inspiring, coaching and serving 100 women with the Divine Alignment Coaching program by the 31st December 2023. And for each client, I will donate $100 to a local charity that empowers women. The ultimate goal is to pay it forward in a way that lights me up and gives my clients the opportunity to do it too.
NOTE: The charity will be a local organisation eg. Women For Change (by the Bass Coast Community Fund), or Share the Dignity, or Change for Sam.

When I coach clients, I don’t just tell you what to do.
I lead by example and that is why my clients value me as a Divine-ology Coach.
• Sharing skills and experience of over 25 years to improve your alignment of the divine and the practical.
• Standing in my power to show that you can too.
• Giving myself the space to radically rest and showing you it’s possible for you.
• Doing things that push my limits and encouraging you to come along with me.
• Speaking my truth and holding space for you to speak yours.
• Facing my fears and holding your hand as you do it.
• Listening to my divine guides and reminding you how to deeply listen.
• Creating moments of magic to bring meaning into my life as an example for you.
• Following my intuition and giving you opportunities to practice that.
• Nurturing and celebrating my successes so you have permission to shout yours out loud.
• Connecting you with other like-minded contemporary goddesses / enlightened executives so that you don’t feel alone as you wake up to your spiritual self.

What is it costing you to NOT get coaching now?
Are you feeling disconnected, uncertain, off your path and like there’s ‘something missing’.
• Have you’ve lost sight of your purpose and want to create a more fulfilling life?
• Are you struggling with your relationships and need some easy tools for personal development to evolving old and new connections?
• Are you deeply unhappy in your work and feel a burning need to change?
• Do you feel like you are on a path of spiritual awakening and would like someone to guide and support your journey to the next level up?
• Are you ready to challenge your own beliefs and do some deeper self-enquiry?
The Divine Alignment Code will help you to create the life you desire.
I will introduce you to the code designed for you to RESET, KNOW yourself deeply and ALIGN with your Divine Soul, and so that you can apply your understanding of spirituality to your everyday life to give you certainty, clarity, peace, and joy.

If you’re ready to be part of the ONE HUNDRED WOMEN PROJECT … there are THREE (3) ways to do it …

  1. Sign up for the self-paced Divine Alignment Code …
  2. Sign up for the 1:1 Divine Alignment Code coaching …
  3. Sign up for one of the Divine Alignment coaching packages … 3-pack // 5-pack // 7-pack to work on a specific and unique concern in your life (relationships, health, career or life purpose).

Let’s talk … book in a complimentary divine discovery phone or zoom call … no obligation.

I look forward to having you join The One Hundred Women Project!!

Blessings Pip

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