Do you feel no joy, no juice, no meaning in your life?

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Have you ever heard of the process of endarkenment?
You’ve probably heard of enlightenment … the process of awakening and growing spiritually.
In Buddhism, it’s “… the action or state of attaining or having attained spiritual knowledge or insight, in particular that awareness which frees a person from the cycle of rebirth.”
This is achieved by various processes like meditation, prayer and acts of service.
I was recently reading ‘Crossing to Avalon’ by Jean Shinoda Bolen and she talked about how some people need to go through a process or moment of ENDARKENMENT to achieve their ‘aha moment.’
She refers to it as a process of no joy, no juice, no meaning.
Do you feel like you are going through this process?
A lot of the Contemporary Goddesses that I coach have felt or are feeling that.
I know I’ve been there.
When the world seems harsh, difficult, painful, and full of drama and conflict … it’s usually because we have chosen to focus too much on the stuff that’s not working.
Now some of you are probably saying ‘But Pip, why would anyone CHOOSE to have a difficult life?’
Great question.
That is the interesting thing about human beings … we don’t always choose the easy path.
Some of us think that we HAVE TO go through pain.
Some of us think that we HAVE TO work hard.
Some of us think that we HAVE TO suffer.
Jean says that “…most depressions that take such a toll on the spirit (giving the person a profound sense of meaninglessness) last for many, many months, … (but it could be) over a matter of seconds, minutes at the most. … it is the mystical opposite of illumination. It was an experience of ‘endarkenment’ as profound in its capacity to affect (us) as an experience of enlightenment. … “
It’s like your spirit is taking you through a desert or wasteland, a path where your soul experiences negation and pain.
I remember hearing Louise Hay talk about how baby’s don’t have body image issues, or negative self-talk or dark emotional stuff … that’s all learned from our family, culture and society.
We take on these limiting beliefs and then, because the brain is hard-wired to find evidence to support our beliefs, we see more and more confirmations in the physical world, which creates our truth.
Luckily beliefs are just thoughts and thoughts can be changed.
You have the power to find the meaning and juice and light in your life.
So, that being said … if you’d like to reset yourself try this process:
Step 1 – BE AWARE … if you are feeling like your life has no juice, no joy and no meaning … it’s time to realign.
Step 2 – REACH OUT … when you are in a space of endarkenment you may need support from a coach, therapist or counselor. You don’t have to suffer alone. The sooner that you can address these feelings and realign with your soul, the quicker that you can find peace of mind, body and spirit.
Step 3 – Try this LIGHT, LOVE & PEACE TAPPING MEDITATION … when you are in the space of endarkenment it can feel like there is not ever going to be light. There is always light, it’s just that we are disconnected from it. You’re in the habit of being disconnected. You’re in the habit of closing your eyes. You’re in the habit of going down the rabbithole. You’re in the habit of focusing on the negative.

Let’s do this simple EFT Tapping Meditation together and see how you feel.
Follow along with me, tapping on the meridian points of the face and body, and speaking outloud.

TAPPING SCRIPT – Love, Peace, Light and Guides
Take 3 deep breaths. Get comfortable in your space. Breathing in and out slowly.
Start tapping on the eyebrow point and say these words out loud.

Eyebrow – Love before me
Side of Eye – Love behind me
Under Eye – Love at my left
Under Nose – Love at my right
Chin – Love above me
Collarbone – Love below me
Under Arm – Love onto me
Top of Head – Love in my surroundings

EB – Love to all
SE – Love to the universe
UE – Peace before me
UN – Peace behind me
CH – Peace at my left
CB – Peace at my right
UA – Peace above me
TH – Peace below me

EB – Peace onto me
SE – Peace in my surroundings
UE – Peace to all
UN – Peace to the universe
CH – Light before me
CB – Light behind me
UA – Light at my left
TH – Light at my right

EB – Light above me
SE – Light below me
UE – Light onto me
CH – Light in my surroundings
CB – Light to all
UA – Light to the universe
TH – Light to the universe

EB – Angels before me
SE – Angels behind me
UE – Angels to my left
CH – Angels to my right
CB – Angels in my surroundings
UA – Angels to all
TH – Angels to the universe

EB – Guides before me
SE – Guides behind me
UE – Guides to my left
CH – Guides to my right
CB – Guides in my surroundings
UA – Guides to all
TH – Guides to the universe
Blessings Pip Coleman (2022)

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this topic, so please feel free to email me or send me a DM on social media or comment on the podcast.
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Have a great week … bye for now.

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