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This blog is a transcript from my interview with Michele Scott (Our Wellness Community facilitator) on Casey Radio 27th Apr 2021.

Michele: ​You help women find and get in touch with and bring out of themselves the most divine part of themselves. So that leads beautifully into a new course that you wanted to share with our listeners today. You’ve created the divine alignment coaching program, is that right?

Pip: Yes, it’s so interesting. I started working with a beautiful coach recently myself, and she’s been helping me to work out what I can do to help women to find and remember, and reset and align with their own soul, their own divine beings.
So, I’ve been putting together this beautiful coaching program, that can be done one-on-one or in a group, which is great. And, it’s a five step process and it perfectly works out to be the, the words, the letters of align as, as it would have it.

We start with the letter A which is all about acknowledging where you are now. We begin at the beginning and clear away the guck! You know, the stuff that we hold onto from the past, and we always need to work on our clearing and, and preservation of our beautiful selves.
Then L is for love, acts, and rituals to take care of yourself. Because a lot of women spend a lot of time taking care of others, but they don’t take care of themselves very well sometimes.
And I is for intuitive skills and trusting yourself. You know, a lot of women that I meet, talk about how they’ve forgotten their self-worth and their abilities. And so we look at that as an important element of aligning.
And then G is for getting guidance and self knowledge.
Then N is for nurturing your future vision, where do you want to go? Where do you want to be? What’s your purpose and all those beautiful things that are come from self exploring exploration.
So, I use psychology, EFT tapping, which is emotional freedom technique and meditation, some simple mind and body alignment techniques so that women can, and can remember the way back to your true self.

Michele: That’s fantastic. Pip it makes sense. Of course, after finding your own soul at sea, then creating the journal companion that can teach others how to find their soul, no matter where they are. And then that flows beautifully into this gorgeous program where you can take them deeper and deeper into that journey of self discovery.
I thought I might get you just to go a little bit more into what does that mean to align with your divine being? … for those that may not have that spiritual kind of foundation in their lives.

Pip: That’s a good question, because as I say, you know, that whole concept of getting to know yourself and being in alignment is … I guess the feeling that many people have when they’re NOT in alignment is things like, … frustration or resentment or you know, there’s that sort of niggly thing under the surface, that you can’t quite work out. That irritation that you might have, you know, your life feeling like it’s not quite right in some way.
And usually that’s because if you’re doing a lot of things for other people, or you’re doing a lot of things that were old commitments, you know, things that you committed to years ago, but that don’t resonate with you anymore.
So aligning with your true self, or aligning with your divine being, is for me back to that, the essence of you. Working out what it is that you actually truly desire now. Where you’d like to be going and what you’re going to be doing rather than holding to a commitment that no longer serves you.

Michele: Yeah. I love it, yeah, that’s a really good way to put that actually Pip that. You know that you’re not aligned with your true self or your divine being when you’re experiencing those feelings. And those things that you just said, even even anxiety and depression.
I can think of a friend who started to experience depression. And she came further and further into that journey of depression, of course, was trying all the different pathways you take to fix that. It was quite the journey for her for many years. It’s a familiar story that I have heard, amongst other coaching clients. When the relationship that she was in ended and when that particular cycle of her life came to an end, honestly, the depression lifted and she came off the medication and honestly, good as gold.
Sometimes a lot of what we are feeling that is adverse negative and unhappy, as you said, could be misalignment.

Pip: Definitely, definitely. That’s so cool that you are using that word alignment, because a lot of the time, the fact that you’re having that feeling (of misalignment) is an indication that your soul, your true self, has another plan for you. You know, the fact that you have that feeling is an indication that there’s something else that’s better for you because you’re, otherwise you wouldn’t be having the feeling.

Michele: Ah isn’t that a much bit of way to think about it. Wouldn’t that be a much more hopeful and joyful to think about it like that instead of I’m feeling anxious and depressed and frustrated.  It’d be so much more helpful to think, what my body’s telling me or what I’m feeling like this in this situation, is giving me indication that yeah, there’s something better in plan for me.  A new direction.

Pip: Definitely. If we could talk about it in that way, rather than thinking that’s the way the person’s going to be forever. Oh, well, you’re depressed forever now, or you’re, you’re going to be angry forever. Yeah?

Michele: Definitely. Yeah.

Pip: I find that really interesting. When you talk about teachers or coaches, they always end up coaching and teaching about the things that they have questioned and queried in their journey through life. And that’s what I’ve been questioning and journey through over the last few years. So, it’s all about discovering that sacred path so that you can write your own, your own story.

Michele: That is absolutely. I love that. So to book in for the Divine Alignment Coaching Program, can people just send you a message or go to your website?

Pip: Yes … The divine alignment coaching program enrollments start on 18th May. There are ONLY 7 spots available.
You can find more information by booking in a complimentary ‘what’s it all about?’ chat – send me an email:
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