Week 22 – That’s NOT your work!

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It feels like every week, when I go to write a blog something HUGE is happening. 
What a time of complete transformation the world is in … huh? Wow!
Leaders of the world being tested.
Systems being torn down and rebuilt.
Cultural values and beliefs being questioned. 
Businesses closing, re-setting and adapting. 
and …
Humans being transmuted back into Source.

I was listening to Esther Abraham Hicks today (to reset myself) … as I do every morning (self-care is our highest priority) … and they were talking about people trying to help others and/or fix other’s problems and finding yourself getting blocked or frustrated?

It’s a common issue for me and for many of my clients and students.
In my business (Conscious Courses and Therapies) it seems like I teach people how to do reiki energy healing, meditation and psychic development. But when I ask my students to share what they’d like to do with their new skills … all of them say ‘to help other people’ …
And while I feel we need to share our gifts and serving others, because our society relies on us working together and supporting each other; if your focus is completely outside of you … you will inevitably begin to feel unbalanced … resentful … frustrated … blocked …

So ask yourself … “What is my work?“
This is a very empowering question.

Abraham says that when you find “your work” … or your purpose … or your passion to share in the world, you find your natural resonance with Source. And your find your natural resonance by following your bliss – as Joseph Campbell wrote.

It’s interesting to look back at your life and see where you were in flow and resonating with your bliss …
My key moments are going to University to study psychology, travelling overseas, working & playing on cruise ships, moving to Phillip island to start my wellness business and writing my book ‘Finding my Soul at Sea’. 

What are yours?

We all have them … Was it leaving your family home? Finding your soulmate? Giving birth? That perfect job? Connecting with that business partner?

Abraham reminds us that to find “your work“ … DON’T keep beating the drum of the problem or the answer is not gonna come. I know when I am complaining about NOT having something, it’s very hard to even start to see clearly the way to having it.

There are many problems that we could be focusing on … MANY … but how many of them are yours?
How many of them are directly impacting you and your family and your community?

I know I bang on about not watching the news, to reduce the drama in your life; and I’m going to say it again. 
It’s really important right now to refocus your attention on your own space.
If we all focus our energy on the terrible things happening across the other side of the world, we are not tending to our own emotional needs. 
And, yes, of course, we are all connected.
And, you may feel the pain of the people who are struggling. 
You may feel the desire to help.
And if you have the means, skills or the influence, PLEASE DO.
**For example: that includes sending Reiki energy healing to the situation (and letting it go), giving money to campaigns for real positive action and making changes to the Human Rights laws to improve people’s lives. 

But, if you are an ordinary human being who is not in a position of power or influence.
Worrying, watching, obsessing and freaking out about the drama DOES NOT HELP.
So, I am encouraging you to:
a) TURN OFF the tv
b) PLAY calming music
c) TAKE YOUR ATTENTION AWAY from what you don’t have, and begin to look for and talk about what you DO have and want more of – eg. peace, love, safety, respect, acceptance, acknowledgement, self-worth …

Your Soul is feeling pain because you are paying attention to things that are not in alignment with Source.
I am with you. I support you. I feel it too. I am taking my own advice. 
Pip xxx

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