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To help you on your journey, I would love to invite you to my What is my MenoRecipe™ 60-minute session.

It’s perfect for you if you want a simple step-by-step process to feel calm, connected, confident and back in control of your emotions. This will mean that you can know for sure that you aren’t crazy. (or at least you’re in good company).

This complimentary MenoRecipe™ 60-minute session includes:

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Book in your MenoRecipe™ 60-minute complimentary session by clicking on my calendar link below.

Caren Hendrie Testimonial

I highly recommend working with Pip for a much easier menopausal journey.

When I booked my meeting with Pip, I honestly didn’t know what was wrong with me – I thought I was losing my mind. My emotions were totally out of proportion with my circumstances, and I was feeling so angry all the time, even though I’m probably the most happy and positive person I know. Turns out I was going through menopause. I wasn’t opposed to HRT but wanted to see if I could manage it myself first, and with Pip’s help I was able to do this. No matter what else you’re doing to get through menopause, I highly recommend working with Pip for a much easier menopausal journey. 

Caren Hendrie

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