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This week’s blog is about fear and love … following the suspicious death of a local women on the island, you might expect there to be a significant increase in the amount of fear felt and expressed.
But instead … I am pleased and proud to be seeing and feeling an overwhelming outpouring of love and support.
Donations have been given to help her children.
Vigils have been held.
Conversations have been had about our own experiences of violence. 
Posts on Facebook have been empowering and community focused. 
Some women are even getting tattoos of the white ribbon (representing standing up, speaking out and acting to prevent family) on their bodies.
It is a sad truth that most domestic violence in our society is men against women. 
There are many reasons for this … which I won’t be going into today.
What I wanted to share with you is some light and hope. 
I personally stand for non-violence towards men and women. 
No one deserves to be treated in this way.
No matter what they have done or said or thought. 
This expression of violence comes from a belief that you are wrong and I am right. It comes from a belief that the only way to show you I’m right is to beat you down (literally). It comes from a belief that we are separate – you and I.
We are not separate.
If we were separate these incidents would not affect us to the very core of our being. We’d not even care. 
We are not separate.
We human beings care deeply. 
We care so much that we feel the pain of the person who is hurt.
We care so much that we give money, hold vigils and tattoo our bodies.
We care so much that we reach out and help others to heal.
We are not separate. 


Mary Dwyer says: “I am my fear, my past and my present. I am my courage. I am my togetherness with others and my aloneness. I am my joy and my sorrow. I am my grief and my celebration of Adrian’s amazing death. I am my darkness and my small thoughts. I am light and my expanded bliss. I am tiny and I am vast. You are in me and I am in you. I am my dreams, my hopes for the future and I am also my regrets. I am, I am, I am.” (page 173 – The Final Act of Grace). 

If you are feeling deeply right now, be kind to yourself.
You are not alone. 
Stay focused on the love my friends.
Blessings Pip x

My good friend and spiritual mentor, Mary Dwyer, has just launched her first book The Final Act of Grace – Mastering a peaceful death about her husband’s courageous, spiritual journey after he was diagnosed with cancer. 

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