Talking to dead people and pets

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An interview with Michele Scott on Casey Radio 97.7 FM – 28th Sept 2022

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Wellness conversations on.

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7.7 fm, brought to you by our wellness community. Mine is Michelle Scott. I’m the founder of our wellness community, Also a positive psychology coach, strengths by facilitator and neologist. Now, in this session, we’re talking to, uh, our beautiful Pip Coleman. Pip Coleman is a rei master coach, author, and divine ologist. I love it.

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I love it. Pip. And, uh, and we are talking about, uh, we’ve covered, uh, past lives. We’ve talked a little bit, uh, well, we haven’t covered it, but we’ve gone into a little bit of introduction to past lives, uh, for our audience a little bit, uh, about other lives. And, uh, now we want to, um, we wanna learn how to talk to dead people.

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Yeah, this is fun.

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And I love how you said at the beginning we talked, uh, you know, just before we came on air, you said, um, Yeah, I’ve decided not to, uh, to sugar coat. To sugar coat. The, um, you know, the, the title of, the title of, uh, of this, um, the new delving that you are, um, you know, getting intense.

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I mean, some people know what mediumship is, but if you don’t , then, um, it’s kind of, uh, it just makes it really clear what we’re doing, . Yeah. So I thought, let’s just call it a spade a spade. And if you want to learn how to, you know, communicate with your departed loved ones, and that includes Pep as well, Not just people, but Pep. Um, this is the, um, I can teach you how to do that.

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Wonderful. And we’re going to, uh, yeah, get a beautiful little introduction now from you, uh, from you into, uh, into that. So how would you start off, uh, the conversation? Would you start off with, uh, uh, you know, if I did want to, uh, have some communication with, uh, a daily departure, then, uh, you know, what would be the first thing that you would say to me?

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I guess the first thing is that to know, first of all, that you are already getting signs and messages and things from your departed loved ones. You just don’t realize that they are messages . Yeah. Um, a lot of the time we are, you know, so caught up in our real reality of our lives that we just don’t hear, see, sense, or feel, Um, these messages that are coming through to us.

• 2:49 – 3:24
Sometimes they’re a bit subtle, and so we need to be quiet. We need to learn how to be, um, in the right space, you know, And that’s where, you know, doing a meditation or, um, finding some quiet time to sit in the garden and with your journal. And, um, you know, there’s lots of different ways that you can tap into it. But the main thing is that you’ve probably been getting messages through, For example, your dream is a, is a big one for, um, be part of loved ones will come into your dream.

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That’s probably the most common one for people. Um, you know, they’ll come in and, and while we are in having our, our dream cycle and going through a bit of a wander, they will, um, meet us there because our energy, our vibration is a little bit higher, and we’re able to rise up a bit to their level, and they’re able to come down to our level so that we can hear them. So if you’ve had a, a dream where you’ve had a conversation, a lovely, loving, happy, sweet conversation with a departed loved one, then that’s more than likely a visitation from them.

• 4:02 – 4:50
Um, you might have also felt perhaps, um, that feeling of someone hugging you, perhaps. Usually when you’re just about to go to sleep or when you’re just about to wake up, you get that sensation of someone touching your face or someone hugging you or sitting on the bed next to you. Then, um, those sensations, those brief little moments of like, you know, connection are, uh, then saying, I’m here. You know, I’m, I’m around. Um, and then there’s a long list, um, which we don’t have time to go through today, but there’s a long list of, of signs, things like leaving you little gifts and, um, you know, coins and, um, actual, um, signs going past, you know, like a, a truck going past that says, Mom loves you, you know, ,.

• 4:50 – 4:52
I know the dangerous things. Yes.

• 4:53 – 5:21
The dangerous thing, You know, and songs on the radio when talking about, I love that song that you, that you chose then the Wanted did or Alive. That’s, Yes. Fantastic . Um, but you know, if, if your my granddad’s favorite song was, um, What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Yeah. So whenever that song comes on the radio, it always reminds me of him. And usually I’m thinking of him just before that song comes on.

• 5:21 – 5:24
I love that. I was about to ask if you had, uh, an example,.

• 5:25 – 5:52
A personal example. Yeah. Yeah. So that’s, that’s one very clear one. And sometimes people will second guess that and go, Oh, it’s just a coincidence. And, you know, that’s something. But a lot of the time, that’s why that, that’s how they communicate with us, because they can’t necessarily, um, and they, that would be a bit freaky if they stood right in front of you and started talking to you. So rarely does that happen.

• 5:52 – 5:54
And we would, as you say, freak out.

• 5:55 – 6:08
We would freak out. You know, we say that we want to see the person again, but really, do you want to see the person standing there in front of you? Probably not. So, um, you know, my Nan for example, um, when she first crossed over.

• 6:08 – 6:50
Back hip, but we have to take another break, So we’re gonna come back and talk about the, uh, Nan story. Casey Radio, 97.7 fm, Give, listen to wellness Conversations on Casey Radio, 97.7 fm. So, uh, welcome back, Pip. Uh, it does, it always goes out much quicker. It’s always quicker than we think it, uh, it’s going to be . I know. And, uh, yeah. So, uh, I’m talking to about Pip Coleman ranking master coach, author, Divine Theologist. We’ve had a beautiful conversation about, uh, you know, about, about these woow things such as past lives, other lives, and, uh, we’re talking about, uh, how to, how to hear the messages that, uh, departed loved ones are already sending.

• 6:50 – 6:53
And you were gonna tell us a beautiful story about your nan.

• 6:54 – 7:27
I was . Yes. My, um, is very funny. She’s a big talker. And so we knew as soon as she crossed over that she was gonna wanna communicate with us from the other realm, . So when, when she first crossed over, I used to go into meditation and, um, I would get this feeling like someone had thrown a beach ball at my head. And so it would, like, my head would sort of go boring, like, like that. And I was like, This is so weird. And I’d open my eyes and there’d be no one there or nothing, nothing was happening.

• 7:27 – 7:57
Close my eyes again. And then boy, like my head would feel like it was being, um, a ball bouncing up against me. And it, um, turned out that that was, um, her connecting with me. And, uh, laser, when I actually started to do a bit more conscious connection with her, she explained to me that it was because she was so new to that spiritual realm, and she was just this big ball of energy. And so she would get too close to me when I was in that meditative open state.

• 7:57 – 8:13
And that’s why it would feel like she was, she literally was bumping up against me and getting too close. And I was like, Oh, that makes so much sense. Yeah. Like, you know, when you explain it like that, she’s much better at communicating with me now, .

• 8:14 – 8:30
And so awesome. And it reminds me of, um, Ghost. It just, it just reminded me of Ghost. And when Patrick Swayze, you know, Yeah. First sort of passes over and how he Yeah. Doesn’t know how to do it, and he’s all over the place and.

• 8:31 – 9:12
, it’s so funny. And it makes so much sense, you know, that that connection to us is just family is strong, you know? So if someone really wants to connect with you, they will, they will definitely do it. And one of the beautiful things about connecting with Departed loved ones is it gives you peace of mind, comfort, reassurance, closure, you know? Yes. Forgiveness, um, it relieved guilt. You know, there’s lots of beautiful benefits to connecting with departed loved ones because once they’ve gone through that, that crossing over process, they are in the position where they can help you with that.

• 9:12 – 9:16
All of those, those beautiful gifts that they can give you.

• 9:16 – 10:02
Absolutely. And, uh, um, I might tell a, a little story myself about, uh, as you say, you know, that it’s, uh, it’s reassuring. It’s, um, it’s so many different, uh, things, you know, the benefits of, of, of being able to being open to, to the messages from, um, loved ones. And so when my mum passed, and it was absolutely, uh, obviously, uh, you know, so traumatic and devastating. It was very sudden and unexpected. And, uh, but, but already being on that spiritual path and already believing in, uh, you know, the afterlife and, and, and all that jazz, I remember specifically, and I was recounting the story just a couple of days ago to, uh, you know, to, to someone who’s actually lost someone quite close to them, uh, unexpectedly as well.

• 10:02 – 10:07
And, and, um, uh, she said, I’ve been waiting for a sign. I said, Well, what did you ask for it to be?

• 10:07 – 10:45
And she hadn’t, she hadn’t been clear about that. I said, No, you’ve gotta be really, really specific. And so I gave the example of Mum and have, when Mum passed, I said, Now, mum, if, uh, if there is such a thing, you know, if, uh, if this isn’t just, uh, you know, BS and, uh, there is such a thing as, uh, as the afterlife and, uh, and the spirit world, then now growing up, there was a song, it was Thai yellow Ribbon around the old oak tree. And I remember, yeah, I remember that was a song I kind of always associated with, um, South Africa being a child, being in the car with mum and dad going somewhere special, staring up, uh, out of the car, up at the clouds.

• 10:45 – 10:51
And, you know, my head was always, uh, up in the air there and I said, Oh, that’ll be the song mum.

• 10:51 – 11:26
Right? When I hear that song, that’ll be the sign from you that, uh, you know, it’s all a okay. And I completely forgot all about it. And it was about, let’s say six to eight months later, and we used to play Buzz all the time. It was a game, like a Sony game Buzz, and, and it would be about music, and you click on it. And anyway, um, as we were playing that there, it was cuz that, that there was the song. And, and I looked at it and I was like, Oh my gosh. And then I remembered what I had said, and I said to my brother, I go, Oh, Jules, you know what, who isn’t a believer?

• 11:26 – 11:38
I said, Oh, you know, when mum passed, I said, Da Dad the song. And he looked at me and said, Oh, that’s so funny. He said, Because today I was going through all my old records and I found that song and I played it.

• 11:38 – 11:39

• 11:39 – 11:43
So I saw it, but he had already played it earlier that day. Now how about that?

• 11:43 – 11:46
That’s fantastic. I know. I love.

• 11:46 – 11:48
It. Goose bu goose bumpy. Isn’t.

• 11:48 – 12:11
It so good? I, it was funny, the last time I was teaching my, um, my course, I said that we were a workshop. Um, I said to the class, we were talking about these signs and I just said, Oh my God, I can’t wait to die so I can tell my, tell my sisters that I want that. I’m gonna come as a whale. I was like, Come whale. Oh,.

• 12:11 – 12:11

• 12:11 – 12:17
It. And Naomi all laugh cuz they were like, How funny is it to be sitting in a workshop? And some of this, I can’t wait to die.

• 12:18 – 12:42
. I love it. And then let’s finish off with pets because, you know, again, pets are really, as I’ve discovered, uh, you know, just nearly adopting. Uh, we’ve got a new addition as well. And, uh, and pets are just part of the family. So, you know what, A lot of friends have lost their pets lately. And, and, you know, they post about it, it’s devastating for them. So Yeah. Can they do this with pets as well? Can they?

• 12:42 – 13:14
Definitely, definitely. I had a beautiful experience in a workshop once where this lady said that she could see a spirit dog sitting in at the door very politely sitting at the door, this little kepy, um, ma sheep dog type of looking dog. Wow. And she described it and she said, she won’t come in because she hasn’t been told she’s allowed to come in the room. And this woman started crying and she said, Oh my God, that’s my dog, and blah, blah, blah. And she said, um, Taylor, she can come in.

• 13:14 – 13:51
She can come in. And so she walked this, um, client, this participant said, She’s coming in now and she’s sitting right next to you. And the lady said, Oh, I can feel her energy right now next to me. It’s so beautiful. And it was just a, a, the most amazing reunion. Aww. Because pet pets are so excited the same way that our departed loved ones in humans, uh, form would be excited to connect, reconnect with us, and to know that they’re there, um, all the time with us is, is just a beautiful feeling, especially if you are missing your, your beloved pet.

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• 13:51 – 14:07
Um, I just remember how delighted this woman was when she felt her, her spirit dog, the, the spirit of her dog, I should say, um, in the room with her, but so beautiful that she sat at the door and just waited until she was told she was to come in. Yeah,.

• 14:07 – 14:32
Exactly. And then what are some of the other signs that, uh, you know, you might, uh, that you might, Well, you know, some of the signs actually now that we’ve just moved on to dogs and, and, um, talking before about the, you know, the senses, uh, it could be a smell you can actually smell. People talk about smelling, uh, cigarettes if their loved ones smoked all the time or loved or their aftershave you their sick.

• 14:32 – 15:23
Definitely. Um, that’s one of the ones that my Mann does as well now. She, um, she makes me sne for no re like, there’ll be no reason why I would sneeze. So I sneeze first and then I can smell her perfume. She’s to wear Chanel number five child powder, so I know that it’s her when I sneeze for no reason. And then I have that smell that comes afterwards. But sometimes people say that they, if say cigarette cologne, um, you know, the smell of baking bread or brownies or, you know, if they had a signature dish that they used to make, you might, actually, the beautiful thing about departed loved ones is they will give you a very personal message, very personal, something that’s just special between you and them.

• 15:23 – 15:41
Whereas if you’re talking to other guys, they aren’t necessarily, um, as personal with their messages. Yeah. So I definitely look out for those sorts of things, or listen or feel or sense or smell. Yeah. Yeah. Those, those are the things that are messages from your departed love one.

• 15:41 – 16:12
That’s fantastic. Well, we are almost out of time. So, uh, audience, uh, and, and again, if you’re listening later to the recorded version or, uh, you know, even if you’re listening later on Spotify, then, uh, and you want to delve deeper into, uh, into all of this, uh, weoo stuff, then, uh, come to, uh, Facebook at Michelle Spot on air. It’ll also be in our wellness community. All of the links to, uh, click to click and connect with pip so that, uh, you can go, uh, delve a little deeper into all of the, uh, topics that we’ve just touched on. Thank you so much for joining us.

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