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This weeks blog is a quick update about the writing of my new book …
I wanted to share with you the magic of what happens when I followed my Divine guidance. And to remind you that … YOU CAN TOO … yes!
So around 3-4 weeks ago I started to get the strong guidance to get my book idea published. The book has been in various forms for 10 years. And I have not shown it to anyone.
Then I started to get a loud low frequency humming (wave-like sound) in my right ear. I know from Doreen Virtue’s teaching that this is the angels downloading new knowledge to me, so I was excited to learn.
Then I got referred to Ocean Reeves (interesting and divine that his name is Ocean – considering the wave sound in my ear) by a good friend who has just published her book.
And as I said in an earlier blog at the start of September, he was super excited to read my stories. Yay!!
This week I sent my completed (draft #1) of part one to Ocean and here is the wonderful and completely amazing email in reply:
“Hey Pip,
Impressed doesn’t quite capture my thoughts right now. I got lost in reading the stories and found them so personable and easy to read! Love the one about the Mexican tattoo and I think the order that the chapters are listed is perfect.
Yes, there is a need for editing but that’s obvious. What I feel we can do is skip the appraisal but I will be sure on that when I see the next section on the spiritual growth aspect of your story. So far, I am extremely excited about the progression of your writing and ability to craft creatively.
Pip – please know I do not say the above comments lightly. I am an opinionated and assertive mentor and consultant and anything I associate my brand with have to meet my own personal standards of quality creative works. You truly have done well. More please!
Regards, Ocean”

I am SO humbled and excited about where this project is heading.
My book is called ‘Finding my soul at sea’ … a selection of stories from when I worked on board cruise ships … part one is the wild and crazy stories from the first 3 years on board / part two is the spiritual stories – when I made a shift to teaching meditation and personal development from the last 3 years on board / and part three is the lessons I learned.
I will keep you in the loop with the next steps my friends … because I know that this is the right path. IT FEELS AM-A-ZING!!! That’s how I know … right path always feels good … wrong path always feels bad.
We are always getting messages and tips and advice … but we don’t always listen. But you can start listening to your Divine guidance now.
I look forward to sharing the journey with you.
Blessings Pip xxx

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