Spring clean your mind, body and spirit (with cold water dunking)!

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Well, it’s officially Springtime! Yeeharr!!
Longer days. More sunshine. Things are blooming. The world is beginning to feel lighter.
No wonder people feel an overwhelming need to clean their house.
Open the windows and doors. Let the wind blow through. Feel the freshness.
Normally, this is my favourite season.
But this year I surprised myself and I enjoyed the winter … A LOT … mainly because of the cold water dunking that I’ve been doing. I am kinda sad that those days of dunking in 10–11-degree water are past us now. Yes – I know … I am crazy! Ha ha! Crazy addicted.
In fact, I just heard today that dunking in cold water is the ONLY behaviour where you can 2.5 x the dopamine in your brain.
The same can be done with cocaine which peaks at 9 minutes and then crashes out, so people take more and more of it, more often. And it has a lot of negative side effects.
Cold water dunking raises the dopamine for 2.5 HOURS. Wow!
If you’ve tried it … you know the high that you feel after getting out of the water. Right? (Hands up sea dragons, mermaids and mermen!)
And if you’ve NOT tried it … seriously … give it a go!!
I’ve been dipping with a group since November 2022, and it has changed my mind, body, and spirit.
There is so much power in a supportive community, especially when you are starting a new habit.
Also, I figured that if I started in spring the water would be warmer and I could acclimatize gradually in preparation for winter. That was a really good idea and it DID make the rest of the year easier.
Susan Soberg (leading researcher into cold water immersion) says that you only need to do 30 seconds- 90 seconds each day to get the benefits. That could be a cold shower, ocean, pool, river or rockpool. Whatever is easier for you. It is so simple.
The benefits of cold water immersion are so multifaceted … there is nothing else out there that works on the parasympathetic nervous system AND the sympathetic nervous system at the same time.
That basically means that EVERYTHING in your body and mind gets juiced by doing this activity.
One of the main benefits for me has been losing weight … I’ve let go of 20 kgs since I started. Seriously! That was not why I started … but I am delighted because I feel amazing!
One of the other big benefits is the mood elevation. Something that a lot of people love, especially after the last few years of collective stress that we’ve been exposed to.

And so, to support you in this shift into Spring, for the month of October I have put together a Spring Clean for the Mind, Body & Spirit offer.
If you’re feeling sluggish, not sleeping well, just can’t focus and you’re afraid you’ll never snap out of it….
I’ve got a special spring season restart and recharge session for you.
It’ll help you feel energised, sleep peacefully, focus your mind, and shift that funky feeling! Yes!
In this 60-minute session, you’ll get a little bit of reiki energy healing, a little bit of Bowen body alignment and a little bit of angelic guidance from the oracle cards. **and there is an extra BONUS below.
It’s only $77 … you save $43 (woo woo!)
**Availability limited to 10 people.
**Online or in-person sessions.
** BONUS – 5-minute cold water dunk with me – if you are curious about taking it to the next level.

Book now by clicking HERE.

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