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This week’s blog is about Whales … The winter months are my favourite on Phillip Island, because the whales comes back to visit us.
And this means I get to work with the powerful energy of Whale.
A lot of people ask me about Animal Spirit guides and their messages …
I’ve had a wonderful encounter with Whale on my morning walk this month. A juvenile Southern Right Whale played all day just off the beach in front of Woolamai House. It’s only my 2nd close up whale encounter ever!

This encounter was unusual / out of the ordinary … so that is how I KNOW that it was a message for me. 
Animal Spirit Guides are always communicating with us. 
Sometimes in real life, on the TV, in dreams, in ‘random’ conversations or a combination of all of these. 

For example, when you see 3 (or more) of the same animal in a short space of time or you have an encounter / interaction with an animal that is odd or out of character – then you are definitely being given a message. 
*Note – when I talk about Animal Spirit Guides, I will refer to them as Whale, Echidna or Eagle – because that is their name. 
And so I got out my Animal Spirit Guide book (by Scott Alexander King) and I looked up what Whale was trying to tell me: 
WHALE means: Record keeper.
Whale asks us to remember the Earth as our Mother and to reconnect with her and the soul connection we forged at the beginning of time. Whale is the keeper of the Earth Mother’s sacred records. Whale helps us remember the spiritual history of the areas most significant to our personal journey and offers ways to enhance our medicine, our lives and the planet as a whole. It is said that people who work with Whale hold within their DNA the ability to comprehend the sound frequencies encoded in the audible rhythms and vibrations emitted from the great mammal. Whale helps us remember our personal truth and wisdom. 
Have you had any animal encounters lately?
Why not send me a message and I’ll let you know what the book says.
And I’m starting the Animal Spirit guides 5-week course on Thursday 19th July @7pm. $200. 
You are most welcome to join me. 

Topics will include:
* Animal Spirit Guides journey to retrieve your power animal
* Mermaids and how to tap into the power of their magical energy
* Unicorns and the truth around the legend
* Fairies and how they can help you manifest all your desires
* Earth Angel Realms – where you’ll learn what the realm you may have been in a past life (if it wasn’t human) including being angels, fairies, star people, mermaids, wise ones, knights, magicians, leprechauns and more … 
​Blessings Pip 
0437 670 820 /

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