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This week’s blog is about putting yourself out there … 
Sometimes it feels scary to go out and try something new.
Or meet new people. 
Or go to a class you’ve never tried before. 
Or show someone your new book idea. *wink* 
I had a wonderful experience on Sunday morning with a dear friend of mine who has a radio show in Miami, Florida.
He worked on the cruise ships with me about 10 years ago. 
I had reconnected with him on LinkedIn and he told me that he would give me a ‘shout out’ and mention my (soon to be launched) book on his radio show. 
I was nervous to have him share my news … but of course, I tuned in to Radio TV Miami (Gonzando con salsa) at 9am Sunday Melbourne time / 7pm Miami time. 
They speak mostly in Spanish on the show, so I couldn’t really understand what they were saying (I’m totally out of practise – it’s been 10 years) … but he did the shout out to me in English – which was awesome!! 
**I’ve posted the video on my Facebook business page – Pip Coleman – Conscious Courses and Therapies – click on the link at the end of this blog.
What was truly wonderful was that I felt really connected and included in that radio show, and yet there are thousands of miles between Phillip Island and Miami. 
Lately, I’ve been practicing doing something that ‘scares’ me every day. 
I’m choosing to do rock climbing and boxing and writing a book … 
It doesn’t have to be terrifying … but it does have to push you out of your comfort zone. 
It could be calling that person you’ve been meaning to call.
Or writing that email that you’ve been procrastinating about.
Or maybe just going to a Doctor or Naturopath or Counselor to ask the question you need to ask. 
As spiritual beings we are always been pushed to grow and expand. 
I believe we feel pain (emotionally, mentally, physically) when we resist that expansion.
The pain is our resistance to the soul’s request to raise your vibration.
Think about it … 
Don’t you always feel ‘stuckness’ or pain when you are faced with a choice or decision you are NOT making?
We can get stagnant, stuck, boring and even sick if we stay in our comfort zone.
Choose expansion … it’s good for your health. 
**CLICK on the link to see the video of Rafael’s fun shout out to me from Miami: Pip Coleman – Conscious Courses and Therapies

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