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This week’s blog is about learning to observe energy rather than absorbing it.
I’ve had A LOT of clients this week who are physically unwell, who are just starting to learn the profound impact of the mind-body connection. 
Their bodies are in pain, some chronically, because they have not listened to their energetic and emotional warning signs. 
If you are like me, an empathetic and sensitive being, then you have probably felt overwhelmed or drained by the energy of other people.
This can be tiring, at best and painful in the extreme, if you stay in that person’s space for too long, right? 
Do you feel like a limp balloon after talking to some people? 
Do you feel like an emotional bin that everyone dumps their stuff in?
Do you feel like a human Sponge-Bob?
It is really important to learn to take a step back.
Dougall Fraser (author of ‘Your Life in Colour’) talks a lot about being an observer of the energy around us rather than just allowing ourselves to absorb the energy. He says that empathetic people sometimes have this victim-mentality of ‘I always feel and get affected by everyone’s energy – like we have not control over it.
But this is something we CAN change.
We don’t HAVE to feel everyone’s energy.
We don’t HAVE to absorb everyone’s energy. 
We CAN choose to observe it.
Here are some tips …
a) Use your emotional guidance system to sense the vibe. 
b) Taking a step away from the situation or person.
c) Visualise in your mind a giant vacuum cleaner sucking all the lower energies out of the room or house.
d) Visualise a beautiful gold and white light filling up the room or house.
e) Go back into the situation or conversation and know / feel the gold and white light absorbing and transforming any lower vibrational energy in that room or conversation. You don’t have to fix anything. 
Know that YOU are not responsible for anyone else’s energy.
You are ONLY responsible for your own energy.
This process will take the weight off your shoulders.
It will bring peace to your heart and mind.
It will allow your body to heal.
If you need any help with this practise or you have questions let me know. 
Blessings Pip xxx
p.s. When you join the Reiki Level One course you will learn more of these techniques including cutting cords of fear, chakra balancing, working with guardian angels and of course, using Reiki (Universal Energy) for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual peace.
The next Reiki Level One course is in Wonthaggi – starting Sat, 5th May. 

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