Reiki stopped me strangling people …

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​This week’s blog is about how one of my client’s surprised me.
I was asking people who had done my Reiki courses to give me some honest feedback.
It is not always easy to hear feedback, however, I have learned to listen without judgement.

But this comment really got me. 
“I am SO GLAD that I did the Reiki Level One course before I did the crazy summer. Because of Reiki I didn’t strangle anyone. I mean, in the past there would have been bodies on the floor. Thank you so much.” Sarah C. 

Yep, that’s what she said. Ha ha ha!!! 
I love that !! 

I’ve heard lots of great feedback over the years  … client’s say: 
Reiki helps me sleep 
Reiki calms my anxious mind
Reiki takes away my headaches
Reiki supported my grief with love 
Reiki soothes my stomach upsets
Reiki gives me focus at work
Reiki assists with a deeper meditation 
Reiki lead me to my life purpose 
Reiki minimises my back pain 
Reiki improved my intuition 
Reiki helped fix my relationship 
Reiki gave my life balance 
Reiki gave me a new way to connect to spirit … 

But I’ve not been told that Reiki SAVES lives !!! 
That’s FREAKIN’ Brilliant! 
Thank you Sarah C … I’ve added that to my list of reasons to do the Reiki level one course! 

And, for the record, full disclosure … I did Reiki level one for myself because I wanted to heal my belly button piercing … True. 

As I get ready to teach my next Reiki level one course, this weekend, I am wondering …
What do you need? 
What can Reiki do for you? 
How can I help you? 
Feel free to call me and have a chat about how this very gentle hands-on healing therapy can help you and …
Maybe save someone’s life. Wink. 

Reminder …
SPECIAL OFFER for February 2019
Start your Reiki Energy Healing education this year. It will be the best gift you give yourself. 
Learn to de-stress, clear and protect yourself from harsh environments and heal your mental, emotional and physical issues. 
Reiki Level One 12 hour course – receive a free 90 minute treatment (valued at $150) and bonus $50 off – if you refer a friend/family member who books a course too. ONLY $850. 

**Payment plans available. 
**NOTE: children over 13 years old can attend as long as they are accompanied by an adult. 

p.s. If you would like to leave a REVIEW of my courses, classes or treatments – please go to this link on my Facebook business page:

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