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This week’s blog is about Reiki energy healing … I am about to teach the next Reiki Level One course and lots of people have asked me … “What’s in it for me Pip?” … and … “Why would I bother learning how to do Reiki for myself when I can come to see you instead?” Good questions.
And I say to you … there are SO many reasons … taking care of yourself, reducing your own pain, helping you and your kids sleep, learning how to tap into your intuition, reducing your medical bills and many more …
So, I thought maybe it would help if I get some of my Reiki Level One students to answer these questions:
Louise – single mum with two kids – “I loved everything about this course, especially developing my intuition and connecting to the reiki energy. It was SO nice to have time out for myself. The other ladies were nice too! p.s. I loved being able to pay off the course in installments – made life so much easier. Thank you.”
Tom – IT professional – “I love learning new things and helping other people. Now I know the right hand positions to really help myself or someone else has pain. Loved working with Pip.”
Sue – retired teacher – “I liked the interactions with new people who were like-minded. Trying a new experience. This hands-on therapy is really interesting. Enjoyed the meditation as part of the attunements too. I will be using this at home to de-stress.”
Naomi – real estate agent and mum – “It was very educational, different, positive, informative about all kinds of things (energy, light, chakras, angels and the practical uses for reiki) and it was confidence building.
I now trust my own ability to heal myself.”
Betty – retired nurse – “I enjoyed the relaxed, informal approach of the course. I liked learning about how to check the chakras with a crystal pendulum. I learned a lot and it was calming too. Now I can calm my anxieties anytime and anywhere.”
Rachel – therapist / masseur – “It was fun! A great learning experience. Loads of knowledge shared. Great teacher / presenter. Was easy to ask questions anytime. Loved the practical approach. I look forward to adding these new skills to my massage therapy sessions. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is or what your job entails you could add Reiki energy healing into your life and make it better.
Why not look into doing the Reiki Level One course coming up in June … give me a call if you have any more questions.
Blessings Pip xxx

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