Reiki distance energy healing actually works!

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For thousands of years, our ancestors have been using energy healing, indigenous herbs, moon cycles, and other natural remedies to stay healthy, relax, manifest, celebrate, help their family and work on community issues. It’s only been in the last 150 years that modern medicine has stepped into the spotlight and taken us down new paths in our wellness journey.
I think it’s wonderful to be able to reach for the gifts from all schools of thought.

Recently I was listening to a podcast with Cheryl Richardson and Bob Fritchie talking about the studies that have been done to prove that energy healing, and in particular, distance healing, actually works.
Bob and his scientific colleagues have been studying the physiological effects of distance healing on plants, animals and humans, by attaching electrodes to the recipient and then recording the response when they receive energy healing. The results have been fantastic!
There is a marked increase in activity of the brain and the nervous system when someone is receiving distance healing. And a marked decrease in cortisol and other stress hormones.
Similar results have also been found in studies where people having Reiki energy healing in-person.

I am constantly delighted when I hear clients describe their experiences after receiving Reiki.
“What can I say… Pip is the best! I’ve experienced energy healing before, however, with Pip it’s completely different. I had my 4th session with her this morning, and I’m completely blissed out. I’ve always wanted to reach that deep meditative state where you’re conscious, not asleep but somewhere in between. It’s a wonderful feeling. She has amazing energy, insight, and intuition of exactly what you need. I’m so glad I found her! You won’t be disappointed!” Amy – Feb 2022.

I also love teaching people how to do Reiki, so that they can help themselves and their loved ones.
The Reiki Level Two course is great fun because students learn how to send healing energy to stressful family gatherings, friends who are unwell, past traumas, relationships, interviews, and work meetings. This is a very practical skill to have in world where we are not able to see all our loved ones in-person. And I’ve found that it really helps people to feel in control of their life rather than feeling helpless.

Students who have done the course say things like this:
“Reiki Level Two allowed me to build on the skills from Level One, increase my confidence to use Reiki (more often) and I found out that you can use Reiki to heal ANYTHING.”
Bev – Reiki Level One & Two.

“Reiki Level Two is amazing! I had concrete confirmation that distance healing works! My sister actually reported sensations and heat when I was sending her Reiki. Love this hands-on training.”
Jaren – Reiki Level One & Two.

“Loved learning the Reiki symbols, enhancing hands-on healing was awesome! Loved learning all the different ways to send Reiki. And using the Sei Hei Ki (symbol) for additional protection is great!”
Von – Reiki Level One, Two and Master.

The next Reiki Level Two course (3 x 3-hour sessions) starts on Saturday 9th April 2022 (fortnightly) in
Cape Woolamai – Phillip Island.
Go to to read more details about Reiki courses.

FYI – you need to have completed a Reiki Level One course before you can do Reiki Level Two … the next Reiki Level One is starting on 3rd May 2022.

Book in a complimentary ‘what’s it all about?’ phone call on the link below:

I look forward to seeing you soon.
Blessings Pip

Reference: Change Your Life with Cheryl Richardson
Listen to Cheryl and Bob Fritchie, founder of the World Service Institute, discuss the healing power of Divine Love. After thirty years of working with energy, you’ll be moved and inspired by his work and miraculous healing stories. For more information visit
Link to podcast:

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