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This week’s blog is about Reiki and how it’s not just about helping other people to feel better … it’s about learning how to put yourself first, trusting your intuition and reclaiming your selfish self with love. 

This has been a topic of discussion in my classes over the past week, so I thought it would be helpful to address it here. 

Let me just say that you are no good to anyone if you are suffering under the weight of other people’s pain. 

Really let this statement sink in.

As a Reiki Master Practitioner I teach and treat a lot of people. It would be crazy for me to take responsibility for fixing their pain, issues and problems. It wouldn’t be healthy for me.

I mean, from a practical perspective there are not enough hours in the day to deal with all of them. Right? 

So, I ask you … in your life … where are you taking on other people’s pain, problems and issues? And how is it affecting you? 

Are you feeling tired?
Are you feeling drained?
Are you feeling resentful? 
Are you feeling pain in your own body?

I’ve found that sometimes we think that taking on someone else’s stuff will make them love us or appreciate us or respect us.

But it usually does the opposite. 

Nancy Levin says that Self care, Selfish and Self worth are sisters that help us reclaim our power. 

1. To be healthy, happy and empowered we need to take responsibility for ourselves. eg. Saying Yes when you mean Yes, and No when you mean No. This is a big one. If you have trouble with this, practice saying ‘I’ll have a look at my diary and get back to you.’ or ‘I’ll ask my partner and let you know.’ or ‘Thank you for asking, leave it with me.’
Then give yourself some time to see if you WANT to say yes or no. Sometimes we automatically say Yes, then regret it later. As long as you are polite most people will be happy to give you time. 

2. Practice handing back the issues that are not yours. eg. If someone is sharing a sad, dramatic or painful story, of course, you can listen but you don’t have to offer to DO anything. The Dalai Lama suggests that we don’t give advice unless it is directly asked for and even then he would suggest we practice saying: ‘I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. What do you think you will do next?’ This helps them and you to own your own stuff and be empowered. 

3. You can call in Angels and Archangels to help by visualizing them or calling them in by their name. eg. Archangel Michael is fantastic for cutting cords of fear, clearing lower energies and helping us feel protected. Archangel Raphael helps to heal physical illnesses and guides healers. Archangel Raguel heals personal and professional relationships. *There are 15 Archangels will various skills – go to my FRIDAY FREEBIES page and download the Archangels document or Doreen Virtue’s book below has lots more information.  

4. Martine Salerno has an amazing meditation called ‘The Violet Flame’ where you visualize putting all your issues, worries or concerns into a violet flame to transform and clear away any unhealthy stuff. 

May your week be empowered, peaceful and fun!
Hope this information gives you the permission you need to take back your power and live a more balanced life. 
Pip xxx

Nancy Levin – Worthy – boost your self worth to grow your net worth. 
Martine Salerno – Meditations with the Angels
Doreen Virtue – Angel Medicine – how to heal the body and mind with the help of the Angels.  

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