Raw crystals have significantly heightened effect!

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This week’s blog is about the super-power of raw clear quartz crystals … 
Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet because of its unique helical crystalline form. 
Its found all over the world. Australia has some beautiful quartz … in areas like Queensland – Cloncurry district; New South Wales – 
Mt Hope, Inverell Area; Eastern Victoria – Beechworth, Mooralla; Northern Territory – Kalkarindji – Wave Hill Station; and Western Australia – Yellowdine Lake. 
When my parents do their yearly caravan trip to warmer weather (to escape from the Tassie winter) they usually collect some beautiful raw quartz pieces for me. There is a photo of some of them attached to this blog. 
They come in all sorts of colours … pink, grey, green, blue, orange and white.
They don’t look like the quartz you see in a shop because they haven’t been polished and manicured. 
It is said that the natural or raw pieces have a much higher vibration than the polished ones. 
Makes sense … all natural is best! 

Did you know that Clear Quartz Crystals can be used for these conditions and situations:
* Unblocking stuck emotions – that could be causing pain in the body
* Absorbing negative energy in a room, house, office or your body
* Regulating energy and  stimulating the immune system
* Protects against radiation because it generates electromagnetism.
* It doubles your Bio-magnetic field
* It cleanses and enhances organs and subtle bodies and acts as a deep cleanser
* It raises the energy to the highest possible level
* It enhances psychic abilities and attunes your spiritual life purpose
* It dissolves karmic seeds – use for past life regressions
* It aides concentration and unlocks memory
* It is a great energy saver – you can put quartz on a fuel line of a car and save fuel
* It is excellent for soothing burns
* It harmonises and aligns the chakras 
* And … they are used in Ultrasound Machines around the world … true! *see below blurb about ultrasound machines.

So, if you’d like to have some clear quartz crystal of your very own, let me know.
I have a selection of amazing natural pieces that you can purchase. 
This week is also WELLNESS WEEK … so call me to book an appointment.
Or check ‘What’s on for the month’ for available appointment times. 
Wellness Week special offer … 90 minute Reiki Healing session with a free piece of natural clear quartz $150

“The transducer probe is th­e main part of the ultrasound machine. The transducer probe makes the sound waves and receives the echoes. It is, so to speak, the mouth and ears of the ultrasound machine. The transducer probe generates and receives sound waves using a principle called the piezoelectric (pressure electricity) effect, which was discovered by Pierre and Jacques Curie in 1880. In the probe, there are one or more quartz crystals called piezoelectric crystals. When an electric current is applied to these crystals, they change shape rapidly. The rapid shape changes, or vibrations, of the crystals produce sound waves that travel outward. Conversely, when sound or pressure waves hit the crystals, they emit electrical currents. Therefore, the same crystals can be used to send and receive sound waves.” Reference: https://science.howstuffworks.com/ultrasound2.htm

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