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This week’s blog is about signs … I have had two very clear signs from my guardian angels this week.  
First, I found a 10 cent coin on the ground near my front steps yesterday and then today I found a tiny purple ‘Share Bear’ in the sand on my beach walk … 
When I did my Angel Intuitive Training with Doreen Virtue in 2006 she gave us a list of all the ways that our guardian angels communicate with us. I had never done any conscious communicating with my angels, so this was all new to me.
I never realised how often they had been trying to give me messages of support, love and encouragement. I’d missed them all. 
Many of my clients say that they are not hearing or seeing their angels or departed loved ones or animal spirit guides … and they don’t know why. 
I have to remind them that it is not for want of trying … from both ends.
They are trying all the time to communicate … leaving us signs and gifts but we keep logically overriding those messages as ‘coincidences’ or ‘accidents’ or even some human being ‘playing a trick’ … 
Now that I know what the most common signs from my angels I can get excited and thank them and maybe tap into the conversation.
I’d like to share the most common signs with you …
1. Feathers – now I DON’T mean feathers under your tree from a huge flock of birds that were just there today. I MEAN the little green feather that is under your pen holder at your desk, in your office, and YOU didn’t put it there. I mean the white feather that turns up on your front door mat as you leave to go to the gym. I mean the gold feather cushion cover that your sister finds in an Op-Shop and ‘just thought of you – so I bought it’. Bless her. I mean the unusual encounters with feathers … those are the messages from your angels that they are around and helping you. 
2. Coins – this one is fun! In the past I always got coins of gradually increasing amounts as I got closer and closer to a job being offered to me. So I’d go for the interview, see a 5 cent piece on my way home. Then go for the second interview, and find a 10 cent piece in my mailbox. Then I’d speak to my referees on the phone, and find a 20 cent piece near my foot at the cafe. And then 50 cents, then a $1, then $2 … until the day that I was offered the job. It happened ALL the time. Coins tend to be abundance messages from the angels. The year on the coin is also a message. Watch out for them (again) in unusual locations. 
3. Music – have you ever been driving along thinking about a loved one or a situation and a song comes on the radio that PERFECTLY mirrors what you are feeling? Yes! The other day I was driving along and I saw an old manager from work at an intersection … it was not the most happy ending to the job … and so as I drove away I was obviously thinking about him. And then suddenly the song ‘I’m Sorry, NOT sorry’ by Demi Lovato came on. I laughed and sang VERY LOUDLY, as I drove away from the intersection. Music is a great way for the angels to communicate with us. It’s emotional and it evokes and reflects emotion in us when we hear it. 
4. Coloured lights – if you are a visual person you may have seen coloured lights or orbs (like fire-flies) flashing past your eyes or in your peripheral vision. You are NOT having a stroke. You are seeing the etheric or energetic footprint of your angels near you. Different colours indicate the type of angel you are seeing and what their purpose is. eg. Blue lights are usually communication angels reminding you to speak your truth and be authentic.  
*I will send you a list of the colours and the Archangel that they are connected to for this week’s Friday Freebie. 
5. Gifts – this one is my favourite! Sometimes the angels will leave you gifts. This morning on my beach walk I found a very cute little purple ‘Share Bear’ with a red heart on his butt. It has 2 hearts linked together on the chest. It was right in the middle of the path onto the beach and the cool thing is the lady walking in front of me didn’t even see it … she and her dog just walked right on by. So I KNOW that gift was for me. What a treat! I was so excited. I have been asking lately for a sign about how to bring more love (a new soul mate) into my life. 
The angels want to have a relationship with you. They know that you are trying SO hard to hear and see and feel them … 
Now that you know … you can look out for the signs.
Their advice is to just open up and allow it …
Blessings Pip x
*See the photos of the ‘Share Bear’ and the coin on my Facebook business page. CLICK HERE.

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