Your Past Lives 5-week coaching program


Your Past Lives 5-week coaching program



Discover the important lessons from your past lives, heal your emotional wounds, discover your Soul’s purpose and significant connections with loved ones from your past lives …

This course includes a BONUS session – Discover your Earth Angel Realm – you may have lived in another realm before you came to be Human – maybe you were a Wise One, Incarnated Angel, Mermaid, Incarnated Fairy, Star-person or even a Leprechaun. You’ll love this session if you have ever felt like you deeply resonate with the magical realms.

You will try a variety of different meditation regressions.


1. Quiet Earth / James Wild (30 mins)

2. Dr. Brian Weiss (30 mins)

3. Denise Linn (30 mins)

4. Dr. Doreen Virtue (45 mins)

5. Mira Kelley (90 mins)

BONUS session – Discover your Earth Angel Realm – do the Quiz and uncover any past lives that were not Human.

And we will discuss the memories that come up and how they can help in your current life to heal, shift and transform.

Each week you will listen to the audio track and then we will meet online (or in person) to discuss your memories. I encourage you to do each regression at least TWICE to get the full benefit.  You are encouraged to write your revelations and memories in a journal each week.


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