Connecting with Dead People Mediumship 5-week coaching program


Connecting with Dead People Mediumship 5-week coaching program



Most people are getting signs and messages from their departed loved ones all the time, but they usually say that they don’t have any contact if you ask them.

John Holland says that “… we are a Soul Incarnate and our departed loved ones are a Soul Discarnate. Both are souls. We are the same in essence. Be open to the messages from the other realm. They want to talk to you as much as you want to talk to them. It is only when we stop focusing on the material world, give up our resistance that we finally allow opportunities to communicate to present themselves.”

This course gives you the opportunity to practise mediumship reading for yourself and for others, using a tried-and-true method of identifying who is visiting you, practising trusting your unique psychic connection, tapping into the power of the CLAIRS, and reminding you that even though a body might not be physically present, our Souls’ radio frequency is always transmitting.


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