Animal Spirit Guides 5-week coaching program


Animal Spirit Guides 5-week coaching program



In this 5-week one-on-one coaching program, you will learn how to communicate and work with your Animal Spirit Guides by doing two meditation journeys to retrieve your Power Animal and connect with other Animal Spirit Guides for direction and guidance.

Tap into the magical and playful world of the Fairies – by creating a Fairy Garden; doing a Fairy blessing and an Enchanted Meditation Journey with your Fairy Guide.

Learn about the history and magical power of Mermaids and Unicorns – including doing a Meditation Journey to Atlantis and a Journey to the Unicorn Wishing Waterfall to connect with their unique energies.

And you’ll tune into the super-magical Dragon energy to energise, inspire, and assist you to let go of fear and embrace self-confidence. You’ll also do two meditations to communicate with Dragon Spirit and use Dragon energy to lift you above your fears.

The sessions can be in-person on via zoom online meetings.

Included in this transformational series are 5 x tailored-for-you coaching sessions; 5 x guided meditations; plus a BONUS meditation to empower and release your fears.


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