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This week’s blog is about past lives …
I thought it was a good time to mention it since I am doing an Earth Angel Realms class in Wonthaggi on Tuesday 29/5 @7pm (casual attendance welcome – $20). Did you have another life or lives in realms other than the human realm? Mermaid? Fairy? Star person?

And the Spiritual Book Club will be meeting on Thursday 31/5 at 1pm (everyone is welcome – no charge / bring a plate) and we are reading the book by Anita Moorjani – Dying to be Me, where she shares her near death experience and the wonderful revelations about past lives, crossing over, dying, living, and forgiveness.

The topic of past lives is so fascinating to me! I love it.

I remember being given my first past life book by my sister when my Nanna was dying and she said ‘this might bring you comfort’ … it did SO much more than that!

It filled a gap in my spiritual learning, it opened my heart, it started me on a path to discovering who I am, and it sparked a knowing in me that no other knowledge had before.

The concept of reincarnation is not new. It’s been around for thousands of years in many cultures and religions.

The idea that we have all lived before in other lives excites me. It explains things in our lives that don’t make sense. It helps to explain phobias that are not linked to current life, unique skills and talents from a young age, passionate obsessions with music, food, craft, people or countries, and knowledge or wisdom gained from dreams or meditations that are not based on current life experiences. 

Do you have any obsessions or special skills or unexplained phobias?

I have always had a desire to go to South America … Peru in particular. And when I finally stood in the temples at Macchu Picchu, I knew …
I had definitely been there before.
I felt peaceful.
I knew that place very well. 
I felt like I was home. 

During past life regression meditations I have remembered more parts of that lifetime clearly and it has helped me to understand my passion for travel and healing. 

I also have less fear of dying now because I know that my essence or soul goes on and on and on … there’s no need to be afraid. This body is only a temporary house.

So, enjoy it. Don’t take life too seriously. Try new things. All is well.  

I always say that the past lives class is my favourite class to teach. 
But then I say that about a lot of my classes. *wink*

If you are keen to join a past lives class … there is one coming up in WONTHAGGI @Mitchell House on Tuesday 5th June @7pm. 

Blessings Pip x

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