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This week’s blog is part two of last week about taking time out for yourself to recharge, revive and relax … sooooooo … did you give yourself any time out this week? … hmm? … well … I promised I would give you and update on my mini-break to the Gold Coast.
Aside from the 23 degree days with sunshine, drinking wine and eating good food and the fact that I didn’t have to work for 5 days … it turns out that this mini-break helped remind me of a couple of really good tips for my life in general:
1. How to say no when you are having time out – I got 4 phone calls on the first day from new clients asking to make bookings. At first I was a bit anxious about not being able to accommodate them, but I remembered that I promised myself (and my business coach and my sister) that I would have a proper break.
So I sent them all a polite text saying: “Thank you for your call. I am currently on holiday in Queensland. I have appointment times available and classes from Monday 14/8. I will call you back when I return. Pip.”
Interestingly, everyone responded in different ways. One lady did not reply to my text at all. One lady said “sorry to interrupt your holiday I will come to class on Monday 14/8”. One lady said “Thank you for your reply I will book in on Tuesday 15/8 – and reconfirm next week when you return.” And one lady called me again 2 days later and hung up when I did not answer. It will be interesting to see what everyone does when I call them on Monday to follow up.
So, the world did not end. My business did not go under. Life still went merrily on it’s way. Saying ‘no’ was the most LIBERATING thing that I have done in a long time. You might like to try it too.  🙂
2. I remembered how much I love swimming! I promised myself that I would do a daily swim in the hotel pool – even if it was just 10 minutes of treading water and a few laps around the edge. *Note it was a kinda square shaped pool with a water slide for the kids at one end.
Ahhhhh yes my friends, I really, really love swimming … and I just have not been making time to do it on a regular basis at home.
I’ve made myself a commitment to make the time to go and swim (maybe at the Wonthaggi pool) at least once a week … and gradually increase it … so that I can have that Mermaid-feeling in my everyday life.
So, the verdict is … I am a convert. Mini-breaks are great for your mental, emotional and physical well being. You can learn important lessons and remind yourself of things you love. How could you give one to yourself.
Blessings Pip xxx

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