Old dreams might not be your path!

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January is always a month of setting intentions and goals for the year.
And for me it always feels like lots of pressure. 
How do I know FOR SURE that this is what I want to do this year?
What if I pick the wrong thing?
Will I stick to it this year?
Then I start to feel anxious … and then I give up.
But … something different happened this year.
I decided to stay on Phillip Island this year, because during this pandemic I feel safe here …
I asked myself the question ‘what would I like to do this year?’ 

One of the things that came up was enrolling in a hairdressing course or apprenticeship.
Ever since I was a teenager I’ve loved to do my own hair, play with colour, braid my sister’s hair and be creative with hair.
But each time I was at a cross-roads where I could have done the hairdressing, I’ve not taken this path.
In the past, it was about money … at one point it was going to cost me $15,000 to do the course. Nope!
And then it was about time … 6 days a week for the apprenticeship, but I wasn’t going to have time to do anything else.

But this time it was cheap (government concession due to being on JobSeeker this year).
And I had the time – only two days a week at school and one day a week in salon. 
Then I had a conversation with the teacher at the school and some things became clear. 
a) I actually don’t agree with the “rules” of the beauty industry … having to wear make-up to ‘look professional’ – WTF?
b) The first 6-12 months is basically theory – how to do a financial transaction in a salon, oh&s in the salon, compliance theory, how to look after clients (customer service), massage heads and wash and blow dry hair. 
c) I already help people. I already make people feel good.  I already do creative things. I already have loads of skills. 

My revelation was that THIS childhood actually doesn’t feel right anymore. WOW! 
I was accepted into the hairdressing course … but I felt really nauseaous about starting it.
And not a good nauseaous. :0)
I checked in with myself to be sure that I wasn’t just scared to start a new adventure. 
I compared this feeling to when I wrote and launched my book – Finding my Soul at Sea. 
My childhood dream of writing books, on the other hand, feels good ALL THE TIME. 
I felt scared and nervous and excited and intense when I launched my first book in 2019.
But I knew on a deeper level that this was my destiny and it was time. 

Knowing the difference between being afraid and stepping into your new adventure, and feeling like something is really NOT RIGHT for you, is really important. And only YOU can know the difference. 

I am excited for my next steps now … 
I have said a loving goodbye to the hairdressing dream … 
Now … it’s about growing and expanding and taking this life to the next level. 
It may include EFT tapping, past life regression training, life coach training, or ??? 
I’ve also got my Find Your Soul companion journal coming out in February 2021 … WOO HOO!!

So, may your 2021 be about you getting better at discerning your deepest desires !! 
Feel free to comment below or send me an email to share your AHA moments.
​Pip x

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