No … I don’t want to change!

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This week’s blog is about resistance.
I’ve had some conversations recently with clients and family, about things that they see are not working in their life. 
But some of those people don’t want to change – even if it will make their lives better, easier, more peaceful. 
So, my question is why? 
I’m curious. 
I figure that there are hundreds of reasons – depending on the person. 

Well … let’s brainstorm … 
Why have I said ‘no, I don’t want to change’ in the past? 
The main reasons are: 
1. Comfort in the discomfort of the known – some call this ‘better the devil you know’.
2. Need to control the situation to feel empowered – ‘no one will tell me what to do’. 
3. The unknown is overwhelming – there are too many possibilities to consider. 
4. A belief that there’s a competition in all interactions – ‘if I change they win and I lose’.
5. A desire to protect yourself – we don’t want to be hurt. Particularly if we’ve been hurt before in a similar situation. 
6. Tired – belief that it will be too much hard work to change. 

I’m sure there are more … but let’s stop at six … and point out that (so far) all these reasons are coming from a fearful space. 

Rarely do we say: ‘no I don’t want to change … because I’m so confident, happy, peaceful and comfortable with me and my life, that I don’t need to change.’

So I’ll give you a tip … the key to this is the feeling. 
Do you feel calm, peaceful, happy and confident when you say ‘no I don’t want to change!’ 
Or do you feel unsettled, angry, unsure, or defiant when you say ‘no I don’t want to change!’ 

Our emotional guidance system is tuned in and switched on all the time … to show us exactly where we are. 

Now, I’m not saying you should do anything that makes you uncomfortable, scared or puts you in danger. 
However, I am asking you to check in. 

As I check in, I like to use Reiki energy healing on myself … (did you know you can use Reiki to heal, balance, calm and centre yourself?).
It allows me to relax enough to see clearly what’s going on within me. 

If you are saying or doing things totally unconsciously and then wondering why your life is not working … maybe it’s time to take a closer look and be honest with yourself. 

Step 1 – Awareness is the key to growth. 
Step 2 – Learn new skills to assist you. 

You deserve to be happy and peaceful. 

If you need support or some tools to help you … you might like to do one of my Reiki Energy Healing Courses, a Psychic development course, a meditation class or a private coaching session. 

Book in for your FREE 20 minute by phone: 
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P.s. If you didn’t see it last week … try my FREE loving-kindness meditation to start your self-care journey. 
The PDF document is on my Friday Freebies page and the VIDEO is on my Facebook business page.
This will help you cultivate the feeling of love for yourself (and others) rather than fear. 

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