NEW Psychic Development classes in 2015

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Great news!! Pip has added 12 NEW Psychic Development Classes on Tuesday nights at Island Healing Day Spa for 2015.
There will NOW be 24 classes that will continuously rotate as below:
Week 1 – Cleansing, Clearing and Protecting yourself
Week 2 – Draw Your Destiny (discover your life purpose)
Week 3 – Crystal Chakra Cleansing
Week 3 – Angel Card Reading (part one)
Week 4 – Fairies 101
Week 5 – How to use Runes
Week 6 – Cleansing the third eye with a clear quartz crystal
Week 7 – Intuitive Angel Readings
Week 8 – Basic Mediumship (part one)
Week 9 – Unicorns 101
Week 10 – Animal Spirit Guides 
Week 11 – Pendulum Divining
Week 12 – Angel Card Reading (part two) spreads
Week 13 – Past Life Meditation and healing
Week 14 – Mermaids 101
Week 15 – Geometric Shapes and Crystal Essences
Week 16 – Earth Angel Realms
Week 17 – Cleansing the third eye with a clear quartz crystal (repeat) 
Week 18 – Basic Mediumship (part two)
Week 19 – Basic Feng Shui
Week 20 – Crystal Grids and Layouts
Week 21 – Sirens & Titans (Gods & Goddesses)
Week 22 – Palm Reading
Week 23 – Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children
Week 24 – Flower Intuition, Essences & Beauty of the Self

The benefits of coming to a Psychic Development class include:
* improved ability to read your own and other people’s energy
* increased trust in your intuition
* new knowledge about crystals, pendulums, angels, card reading and mediumship
* meeting like-minded people
* more confidence in listening to your angel’s guidance
* learning in a very safe space
* having fun
Contact Pip for bookings on 0437 670 820 or email:

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