New Moon in Aries it’s time for a fresh start!

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It’s now the start of a new lunar cycle with the New Moon in Aries on 21st of March … This particular new moon is all about helping you to start fresh, heal your thoughts, be optimistic and realign your life to have more meaning. Which makes sense … start of a new cycle … begin again!

This new moon shows up ways of outmoded thinking … so you can let it go and up-level. Writing your intentions for the month will be VERY POWERFUL under this new moon.

The other thing that’s happening this week is one of the biggest astrological events of the year. Ooooooo exciting!! The power planet of Pluto moves from Capricorn into Aquarius and this energy will last until early June. This is significant because the Divine Feminine is re-emerging and with it the magical practices such as intention-setting, magic, empowerment rituals and clearing resistance under the moon.

For hundreds of years, mainly women (and some enlightened men) have been put to death for doing these moon rituals and so they became secret. Of course, why would you let everyone know if you could die. Women didn’t even tell their daughters the secrets of the moon. Until now.

So, if you are feeling called to work with the moon, the goddess energy, or crystals, or energy healing … that’s because you are being CALLED my friends.

The other thing that’s happening this week is on the 20th March it’s the Autumn Equinox (southern hemisphere) / Spring Equinox (northern hemisphere) … so now is the time to begin to embrace the energy of the new season with the energy of the new moon. Autumn is the harvest season when we reap the fruits of our labours. Spring is a time of new beginnings and potential.

In this week’s moon meditation at 6.30pm on Thursday night (23rd March) – BOOK HERE – I am going to call in the energy of Archangel Ariel, who’s associated with Spring and Persephone the Goddess of Autumn. These empowering feminine energies will help you to be brave and step forward as you start fresh. You will set your new moon intentions and create your own powerful affirmation: “I am on the right track, and soon I will …” (fill in the blank).

Blessings Pip

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