Nanna, are you still there?

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This week’s blog is about how to receive messages from your departed loved ones … 
We have had a very emotional two weeks on the island. 
People who knew Sam Fraser, people who have been personally affected by domestic violence and others who have not, have ALL been significantly moved by the events.
In a small community a tragedy is felt deeply.

When a loved one dies … I prefer to call say ‘transitions’ from this earthly realm) to the non-physical realm … we experience a feeling of loss. 
We are used to having them right here to hug and touch and talk to.
We feel sad that we cannot speak to them anymore.
We feel disappointed that we cannot feel them anymore.

But I’m here to tell you that this is not the truth. 
After they leave their bodies your loved ones become fully their soul. 
They are still your loved ones.
They are still nearby.
They still want to hear what you have to say.
They still want to connect with you.
They are actually waiting for YOU to be in the right head space (or perhaps I should say heart space) to do it. 

That’s why lots of times the messages come in dream-state or meditation because that is when we are most open, relaxed and allowing. 
John Holland says that there are a number of different ways that our loved ones will try to communicate. 

In his book ‘Bridging Two Realms’ he lists the most common ways:
1. Dream visitations – these feel like actual conversations (because they ARE!) … it’s not like a normal dream that fades away after you wake up. It feels like a memory. It lingers and it has strong emotional content. It is always a loving, forgiving conversation. There is not pain or drama. 

2. Butterflies and Birds – messengers of the other realm. Our loved ones know that they have to be subtle because if they just showed up in our kitchen it would freak us out. So they send sweet messengers to say ‘hello’ and ‘i love you’. Are you watching out for them?

3. Music – songs on the radio or songs that ‘randomly’ pop into your head that remind you of your loved one. That’s them sending you that message. Listen to that. Feel the love. Enjoy the memory. 

4. Feeling of being hugged or touched – perhaps you’ve felt like someone was touching your hair or your cheek or maybe even hugging you as you fell asleep. This is your loved ones making contact. You are getting these feelings all the time but during the day you might dismiss it as the wind or a bug. There are too many distractions. 

5. Smells – if you get a wiff of a perfume or cigarette or a flower or something baking that doesn’t fit with the current surroundings. This is your loved one sending you a message. Take note. Smile and know they are saying ‘I’m nearby.’ 

When I first started getting messages from my Nanna from the other realm, she would literally bump into me while I was meditating.
I remember I would close my eyes, take a deep breath and then I would feel like a giant beach ball was bounced at my head. 
My head actually moved to the side.
But when I opened my eyes, nothing was there. 
It took a little while for me to realise that someone was trying to communicate with me. 
I didn’t know it was my Nanna until a a medium told me little while later.

Now days my Nanna makes me sneeze and then I can smell her Chanel No.5 talc. She’s funny. Just like she was when she was in her body. 

She has been very close by as I have been writing my book. 
It has been wonderful to feel her near.
When I know she is near I say “Oh hi Nanna! How are you?” 
And I wait and listen and feel for her response.
Then I ask “What do you need me to know today?”
And I wait and listen and feel for her response.

Sometimes it is an encouraging ‘Well done! I am so proud of you.’
And sometimes it is ‘I love what you just wrote. Other people will too.’
And sometimes it is just ‘I’m here. Let me know if you need me.’  

I know that is what she is saying because I have been practising mediumship (communicating with departed loved ones) since 2006.
It means I can hear, see and feel my own loved ones who have crossed over to the other realm.
And … I can hear, see and feel yours too.

​Let me know if you want to have a mediumship reading or come to a class to learn how to communicate with your loved ones.
Blessings Pip xxx
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