My self image worries about … basically … everything!

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This week’s blog is about worry … 

This week I’ve been feeling tightness, … a knotted-up-ness in my belly.
I tried everything to relieve it.
I have lots of self care tools. Essential Oils. Massage. Love. Reiki. Distraction. Dance. Yoga. 
I know intellectually that I’m feeling afraid.
Afraid of my new book being presented to the world. 
I’ve never done this before … of course there is uncertainty. 

Robert Holden says that our soul is never afraid.
It’s our self image that’s fearful.
Our soul is completely ready for change, growth and all our desires being here now.
The self image worries about … the future, the past, this, that, him, her, them, … basically … everything.

This makes SO much sense to me right now.
I’ve asked for a book that people will appreciate, a thriving business, money, a soul mate and more …
My soul … that is the larger part of me … has already expanded.
It’s created the book, the money, the soulmate … all of it … all waiting for me to be ready.
Esther Abraham Hicks said sometimes you are the only uncooperative component in the manifestation of your desires … and you feel the resistance in your emotions – fear, frustration, anger, unease, etc.

Robert Holden says the fears can be soothed when we …
a) Recognise it’s our self image that’s afraid. We need to meet the fear with honesty and love.
b) Forgive ourselves for listening to that self image part. 
And then the final step is we
c) Stay in the present moment and remind the self image that it’s not actually the one fulfilling our purpose. Our soul will do that.

Isn’t that so true? In the present moment we can truly feel okay. 
The present moment gives you a shift of focus to the thing you want … the thing you asked for … the thing you desire …
And then … follow your bliss. Do things that make you feel good. 

You can find the joy any where.
Find the joy in the contrast.
Find the joy in the problem.
Find the joy in expecting a solution.

Esther Abraham Hicks says that the Universe gives you big problems because you asked to expand … you needed a solution.
So, rather than being scared or overwhelmed, you could be excited, because solving this problem will help you grow.
You are evolving into a more enlightened being.
This problem you are working on is your ticket there.
That’s a cool idea huh?

I hope it helped you to feel better in this present moment.
​Pip x

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