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This week I’d like to celebrate my “menopause magician” …
Dr Drew Merefield at Safflower Clinic has become part of my Essential Self-Care Support Team. You know those people who help you to stay sane and balanced in this crazy world?
I had the delightful fortune of starting my menopause phase during the last 2 years … yay! … extra anxiety, anger and hormonal fluctuations in the middle of a pandemic! Thank you, body and Universe.
I guess I was supposed to have a massive AHA about the way I live.
The first emotion that I recognized was ANXIETY.
I was doing all my usual self-care rituals of meditation, yoga, and riding my bike … but the level of anxiety was much higher than I’d ever felt. This felt different.
More than when I travelled overseas by myself.
More than when I set up my own business.
More than when I wrote my book.
Have you been there?
If you’re a woman who’s been or going through menopause, you have.
But maybe you haven’t connected the dots yet.
I knew I needed to reach out to my alternative therapy tribe.
Acupuncture had been helpful to me in the past, so I booked in to have some sessions. And it became clear after a short time that the symptoms of menopause were hidden under my intense anxiety about the world situation.
Once this was clear I started taking a new blend of Chinese herbs (including a menopause specific herb) while doing the weekly acupuncture sessions and my anxiety reduced by 90% … SERIOUSLY!! It was profound. I could relax. Ahhh.
I also had to accept that the state of the world was significantly affecting my energy, my mind, and my body … so that meant I needed to significantly ramp up my self-care routine … so I included more Bowen therapy, yoga, beach walks, comedy shows, dance, and chiropractic sessions.
The other thing that happened was I began feeling really ANGRY.
Normally I’m a pretty calm person, but things that never bothered me would just drive me nuts!
People being disrespectful would boil my blood.
Drivers overtaking on a hill would have me yelling and swearing.
Family drama would have me seeing red.
Political decisions … well … I mean … O … M…G!
The acupuncture and herbs were so effective with the anxiety, so I asked Dr Drew … “Arrgh can you help me with my RAGE?”
And he laughed … “oh yes! Definitely … although you are funny when you’re mad”
“Don’t even start.” I gave him the death stare – but it did make me smile.
“I’m going to put these two needles in your left pointer finger … here”
“Hmmm … I don’t see how that could do anything …” I mumbled.
“I’m gonna leave you for a bit … just breathe” he said chuckling as he left the room.
And then the magic happened …
My heart rate slowed. My breath calmed. My mind stopped racing.
I was able to focus and chill out.
When he came back into the room about 30 minute later, I felt all zoned out and smooth like I was on drugs. Actually technically, I’ve not actually taken any drugs … but it’s what imagine you’d feel like.
“How are you feeling now?” Dr Drew asked.
“Well, I don’t want to kill anyone, so that’s fantastic!”
His laughter echoed around the clinic.
My level of anger reduced significantly after that session, and it hasn’t gone back up to that intense level.
Ladies, Goddesses, Earth Angels … I want you to know … you can take control of this. Menopause doesn’t have to be hard.
I am so grateful for my Self-Care Support Team … and particularly Dr Drew … because sometimes we need help. And the way that menopause affects every woman is different, so we need to re-learn how to honour and take care of ourselves during this time.
Dr Drew Merefield is MY Menopause Magician … and you need to find your perfect team too.
If you’d like to connect with Dr Drew go to or you can follow him on Instagram: @safflower_clinic and Facebook: @safflowerclinic
May your menopause be magical.
Blessings Pip

p.s. Yes, there are physical changes to accept and manage. Menopause is also a time of reflection and deep inner growth on an emotional level. And a lot of women begin to ask the “seeker” questions of ‘why am I here?’ and ‘what’s it all about?’ too. That’s where my zone of genius can assist you.
So, remember that I can also be part of your Self-Care Support Team through menopause – including Meditation classes, Bowen therapy, Reiki energy healing, Counselling and Divine Alignment Coaching.

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