Musing about my Ideal Client …

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This month I have been musing about my ideal client. I wonder if she resonates with you … 

She’s a sensitive soul, who is connected sometimes to her goals and true self, but spends a lot of time overgiving to her family, friends and workplace.
She’s slightly overweight (maybe a little more) with aches and pains in the hips and shoulders – mostly because she carries too much responsibility and has imbalance in her energy. 
She is a caring person … a teacher, a health-care worker, a nurse, a mother, a loving and helpful soul. And she’s feeling resentful because others don’t give back to her in the same way. 
She is also tired a lot, but doesn’t sleep well. 
She is wishing for a life that is fun and easy and graceful.
She wants to rest and not feel guilty.
She loves to read but won’t stay in the chair (or hammock) for “too long” becasue that would be lazy. But she wishes for that freedom.
She’s got money for self-care and wants to use it more often.
She’s keen to change and put herself as a priority more.
She’s interested in wellness classes, psychic development, meditation, sound healing, yoga, massage and Reiki – and – honestly, anything that will help her to understand herself more fully. 
She’s wise and brave and funny. 
She loves to laugh and share stories about her life and listen to other women do the same.
She is a firm advocate for people who are less fortunate and loves to help or donate to charities and community events.
She’s a lover of yoga and meditation (and even if she doesn’t do them all the time, she appreciates them).
She has a desire to learn and expand and grow.
Her favourite books are about past lives, mediumship, self development, self growth, magic, manifesting, inspirational journeys of courage and faith. 
She believes in the law of attraction – even if she’s not altogether sure what it is, or how it works.
She is willing to try new things and push out of her comfort zone to allow for change.
She’s a nature lover who is a supporter of all things environmental and earthy.
She schedules her self-care so it is not missed and gives herself rewards.
She is serious at times that require it and silly when the mood needs to be lifted.
She trusts that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.
She describes herself as spiritual, but not religious. 
She’s my favourite client, because she is always on time, she pays before her treatments or coaching sessions and may even book 3 or 4 session in advance. 

Thank you. I love you. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Blessings Pip xxx


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