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It’s Mother’s Day! … so I thought that this week’s blog could be about mothering and nurturing yourself.
Mother’s Day is great for celebrating and treating your Mum. And maybe if you also have children – so you will be celebrated and treated by them.
Now for people who don’t have any children – your mission today is to MOTHER YOUR INNER CHILD … treat him/her with kindness, buy him/her yummy things, take him/her out to lunch, take a walk on the beach or in the park, talk to him/her about their dreams and give them lots of love.
And especially for those of you who don’t have your mum around to spoil and thank … this mission is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT!
I mean ideally, you would mother your inner child on a daily basis.
We say so many negative, dramatic, upsetting things to ourselves … it is not hard to understand that reminding yourself that you are worthy, you are safe, you are loved and you are protected on a regular basis will help you to find some peace.
Take time to surround yourself with ONLY LOVING and SUPPORTIVE things, shows, music, people, jobs, and conversations.
Louise Hay has lots of affirmations but this one is perfect for our topic: … “I will not watch, read, or talk about things that will upset me today”
May your Mother’s Day be filled with love, light and laughter!
Pip xxx
p.s. you know what I am doing tonight ? … watching the Eurovision Final with a glass of red wine and a cozy blanket.

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