How to use the moon in menopause!

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This episode of the Align with the Divine podcast is about how to use the moon during menopause. I have known about the moon’s power to affect our emotions because people would go a bit loopy on the full moon nights … in hospitals, pubs, cafes and anywhere that addicts hang out. And some women would say that their cycles somehow matched up with the moon.

You can also listen to this podcast episode HERE.

But until I went through menopause, I was unaware of the wisdom of using the moon phases to reset my body with its cycles. We are supposed to be in tune with nature. We have (generally) become detached from that beautiful rhythm and harmony. That’s why we feel SO GOOD when we go on holiday. We stop our alarms. We don’t watch the clocks. We just rise and sleep with the sun. It makes me smile when people share how relaxed they were on their break … but now …

So, each woman has a unique hormonal cycle. A rhythm that plays within. It may or may not sync with other women or the moon, but it is entirely individual. When you hit 45 (ish) and move into peri-menopause that cycle gets a bit … let’s say … wackadooo … ha ha … one ovary decides not the release an egg every second month … the hormones change … and the cycle gets out of sync.
Lots of other things get out of sync too … your emotions are a BIG one! Holy Moly! Right ladies?! No one told me that I’d feel such intense emotions … or perhaps they did and I just thought … nahhh that won’t happen to me. I’m chill.
I can tell you now … I was NOT CHILL. I was VERY VERY NOT CHILL.

And thank goodness I was already reading and listening to podcasts about menopause because I wanted to understand what my clients were going through.
One of my mentors is Yasmin Boland who wrote the book Moonology and has a podcast called The Mainly Moonology podcast. She speaks about what the moon is doing on a weekly basis and gives tips to manage the energies.

I had a big AHA-moment while listening … that when your cycle finishes (i.e. the meno-pauses) your body / mind / spirit doesn’t have a physical guide to encourage rest, plan and act sequence anymore.

During your cycle your would have noticed that there were times when you felt more tired and needed to rest (usually during the menstruation phase) and there were times when you felt like you had boundless energy (usually during the ovulation phase).

So, you can use the cycles of the moon as a similar guide:
New Moon – set intentions and make plans.
Waxing Moon – increasing energy / take action.
Full Moon – radical rest and recharge.
Waning Moon – decreasing energy / let go or finish off projects.
The important thing is to reset your body and energy by aligning with the natural world, which will give you back a feeling of control, peace, and harmony.

This week is the New Moon in Leo – its energy is all about taking action, efforts paying off and shining your light! Leo is the sign that loves to live large, and we will all feel that regardless of what sign we are.
Also, the sun will be making a harmonious aspect just after the new moon to the auspicious north node, and for many, there will be a shared sense of “destiny calling”. Embrace that feeling of a whole new cycle beginning. What have you been secretly wishing for but been too shy to ask? Now is the time.
During this new moon time, it’s great to write your intentions, plans, desires, and goals in a journal. Let the juices flow. Have deep and meaningful conversations. Dream with deliberate intent. Create a vision board. Share a manifesto. Get out there and shout it from the rooftops. The moon is supporting you with big love. Leo is also about being fabulous- so GO FOR IT!

Remember that the day before the new moon (the dark moon phase) is a great time to let go of any unhealthy thoughts, beliefs, situations still hanging around and blocking you. Write it down and burn it with compassion and forgiveness to yourself.

I’ll jump back in on the week of the 30th August to talk about how to embrace the energies of the blue super full moon in Pisces. That’s a special one … 2nd full moon in one month – bonus!!

Moon energy work is powerful divine magic.

It’s always a pleasure to remind you to align with the divine.

Blessings Pip

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