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The ‘MenoRecipe’ guidebook

If you are going through menopause and you’re frustrated by … out of control emotions, like you are “at war” with your body, trying to keep people safe from the chaos inside ... and you're worried that ... you’re going crazy!

Then this guidebook is for you!

Pip Coleman About

Pip Coleman is a Menopause Coach, Author, Reiki Master and she specializes in creating MenoRecipes™ for women to manage their unique mind-body-spirit symptoms in the best way for them to thrive, so they can feel less overwhelmed, alone, crazy, and out of control and more confident, connected to their soul and emotionally realigned.

“Menopause is also the perfect time to be doing spiritual development work. It’s in the name … it’s the time to pause and review your life, while answering the important seeker questions like: Is this all there is? And what’s the purpose of my life?”

Pip is the creator of The Divine Alignment Code™ coaching program – it’s an amazing program specifically downloaded to serve YOU, my Earth Angel tribe, for when you’re going through menopause and feeling lost, frustrated, and disconnected from your true Self. You’ll remember how to feel confident, connect to your soul and integrate your understanding of spirituality into everyday life, to give you hope, certainty, peace, joy and meaning.
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