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This week’s blog is about asking the right questions … 
I have just received my manuscript back from the publisher with notes to re-work it so that it can then go to editing. 

One of the notes from the publisher was “Unlike other manuscripts I have worked with recently I do not believe you will require much time, nor energy to decipher the why you have written this story, and the what it is you wish to convey. In fact, I suspect you already know … With your purpose in mind, you will find it easier to tie together many, if not all the events in your life for the reader, and show them exactly what it is you want them to see.”

Interestingly, just last week my business coach suggested that I read the book ‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinek, to discover the reason why I am in business and essentially, why people would want to buy my products and services. 

Simon says that “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” 
This really resonates with me. 
I feel this truth in my gut. 

And I think that this concept can be applied beautifully to your life purpose too.
How many times have you set a goal to travel or study or set up a business and not done it because you couldn’t see how it could be done? 

Have you ever wondered how successful people get things done?
Well, it turns out that they don’t focus on the how or even the what … not at the beginning anyway.

They focus all their attention on the why … that is where the inspiration lies. That is where the passion is. That is where the power of your action comes from. 

If you don’t have a strong why … a reason to do things … travel, study, run a business … you won’t keep doing it. Even money is not enough to keep us motivated, there has to be something deeper that fuels us. 
Otherwise, you will constantly get stuck in what I call the ‘how-dead-end’ … 
I’d like to travel to Europe … but how? I don’t know. 
I’d like to study astrology … but how? I don’t know.
I’d like to write books … but how? I don’t know.
I’d like to run my own business … but how? I don’t know.

If you change the question to why … you become more inspired, more motivated, more open to the ways that your desire could come true. 

I’d like to travel to Europe … why? because it will expand my mind, teach me how to be flexible, I’ll meet new people and grow as a person. 
I’d like to study astrology … but why? because it is fascinating, it might teach me about myself and it is an ancient science that could be a great addition to my business.
I’d like to write books … but why? because I have a passion to share the lessons I have learnt in my life, to inspire people and to help them become more of who they truly are. 

As I ask myself the question … why? 
I am coming to realize that by sharing the stories of how I have become more authentically me … I am giving other people permission to do the same.

It is the basis of my business, my classes and for the book too.

So, I ask you … what is your why? 
Blessings Pip xxx

p.s. Check out the book by Simon Sinek – Start with Why.

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