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This week’s blog is all about MASSIVE GRATITUDE!!!
I have always been one to look (mostly) on the positive side.
I really make a point of focusing on raising the vibration of every situation. 

Gratitude is an important part of keeping a high-vibe life. 
And as we move into the last week of the pre-launch of my book … there are A LOT of things to be grateful for.
My BIG THREE are below: 

* My family have always been huge supporters of everything I do. I am so glad that I chose them. Deeply grateful. Thanks Mum, for sending out my launch email to EVERYONE you know. I love that enthusiasm. I think that’s where I get my determination from. 

* My clients and friends all over the world … you all TOTALLY ROCK!!! I seriously love you all right now. Facebook has kept me in touch with people from my overseas adventures (including cruise ships) and I am so unbelievably glad that we can share in each other’s lives from far away. 

* My publisher Ocean Reeve, Jason Smith and the editing / formatting team at O.R.P have put in many hours to bring this book to life. I know they were excited when I said ‘I don’t care about the font’ … but I have sent the proof back 17 times with slight changes … and although they probably have said some expletives under their breath, they never said anything but ‘no worries’ to me. What a blessing.

The creation of this book has happened because I wrote a bunch of stories … and then YOU all helped me to give birth to it. 
And so, this blog is just simply to say THANK YOU.
Blessings Pip x
​p.s. Below is another short excerpt from the book called ‘People who saved me from drowning in triviality’ 
p.p.s. You can get your copy of the book for only $25 (with lots of bonuses) until the 16th November … just CLICK HERE
p.p.p.s. Watch out for another story-time video on Facebook tomorrow … 🙂

Excerpt from PART TWO / CHAPTER FOUR – Meeting Inspiring People 
When I began working on cruise ships I met a few guests who were on the same wavelength as me. My main interactions with the guests, though, were very superficial and didn’t allow for much intelligent conversation.
But after I started doing the wellness classes on board I met a wonderful tribe of soulful people. It was a surprise to me, even though I had set the intention to do just that.

People Who Saved Me From Drowning In Triviality 
One of my favourite things about teaching these classes on board was that I significantly changed my beliefs about the cruise ship guests, and American cruise ship guests in particular. Growing up in Australia, the only source of information was the news and sitcoms – and let’s
face it, neither are showing the cream of the society. Even my fellow American crew members would say they were embarrassed by the collective behaviour of the American cruise ship guests.

‘You won’t believe what this guest asked me today. He asked me how we make the water salty in the pool. These guests crack me up!’
​I would go to the Internet café between activities to chat to Scott, one of my US friends.
‘Argh my God! They make us look so bad!’ he would protest.
‘Come on … they’re on holiday.’ I would try to defend them, but I actually agreed with him.
‘No, they are stupid, insular and rude! I’m embarrassed to be one of them.’
‘You are not one of them, Scott.’
‘You’re too kind and I’m still … SO sorry.’
‘Well, I appreciate the sentiment, but you don’t have to apologise for them. You are the shining light of intelligence, humour and sarcasm.
You make up for all of them. You and Sebastian.’
‘Thanks Pip, but you have to say that because I could have you deported. You are in my country.’
‘You have no such power!’ I’d roll my eyes and laugh.
‘Coffee?’ It was his cure all.
‘Yes … of course. You’re buying … because I’ve been traumatised by your fellow Americans.’
‘Shut up!’ He’d say with a chuckle.
I had no idea how much I was drowning in the triviality of my job as a social host until I taught my first classes and someone said to me,
‘Thank you so much. The three hours I spent with you have been a great gift and perfect for this moment in my journey.’ 
I was hooked. I had given myself the gift of fulfilment.

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