Many hearts make dreams come true! or how my new bike manifested on Australia day

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This week’s blog is about surprises and focusing on your dreams …
Sometimes we think that things are not going our way. Maybe we feel our bank balance is ‘too low’ or our weight is ‘too high’ or our family are ‘not loving enough’ and we forget that the Universe responds to what we are focusing on.
Lately, I have been focusing on creating a new bike to replace the one that was taken from my house just after Christmas. Note #1 – I could have been focusing on being angry, pessimistic and bitter towards the people who took it … but they don’t know or care … and that energy does not serve me. So … this is a perfect opportunity to change my focus.
So I have been going to all the bike shops, second-hand dealers, Ebay and FB to find a replacement. Of course, I shared my decision-making process with everyone I knew. Note #2 – It helps to get others to help you with your manifesting process. Many hearts make dreams come true! 🙂
Anyway, on Australia Day my sister rocked up to my work and blew me away with the generous gift of a bike. I was surprised, grateful and delighted, of course. I had not expected the new bike to manifest in THAT way. Sweet!!
And this is an important note #3 – don’t put limits on HOW the dream will manifest. Just put out the desire and focus on the outcome … the HOW will take care of itself in a perfectly divine way.
May your life be filled with delightful surprises too.
Blessings Pip x

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