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This week’s blog is about being blindsided … it’s been a challenging week for me. I have been terrified, calm, overwhelmed, excited, panicked, philosophical and anxious. Not because of Christmas. Not because of my family. But because I had plans … plans to build my business, create a spiritual community / tribe and then gently move out of my part-time job with grace and ease to work full time in that business.
But there has been a slight hiccup in the plan. The part-time job was removed from my life with a surprise email from my part-time boss on Wednesday. And I’m sure many of you have been in this position. Blindsided. Shocked. Disbelieving. 
I am slowly coming to the realization that the Universe and my guides are creatively pushing me toward my full time business plan. 
They are saying loud and clear:
“COME ON!!! You are fully qualified, completely confident, you have awesome customers, you have fantastic business alliance partners. You have all that you need. Just DO IT already!!!”
Truth be told they have been saying it for a year or more. But I was not quite ready. Not sure it was the right time to leave. Not … well … honestly I was just not listening.
There were Animal Spirit guides crossing my path saying ‘it’s time to move on’ … ‘take that step forward’ … ‘there is big changes coming’.
There were Angels talking to me in my meditations and my dreams about creating more classes and sharing my knowledge online and travelling / public speaking about my new book. 
And so … it really shouldn’t have been a surprise to me. But it was. 
So, I am asking YOU to help ME this month.
As I send you love, gratitude and best wishes for the end of 2017 …
You can help me by giving me feedback on what you need to live a better life, sharing your stories, being more relaxed, allowing me to teach you, getting inspired, giving me a hug … and most of all bringing your joyful selves to a class every now and then. 
I don’t ask for much right? he he
​Love and Blessings Pip xxx

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