Life is like hopscotch …

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As I did one of my bike rides this week, I came across a hopscotch game that was drawn on the footpath and it stretched a whole block. Aside from admiring the artwork, I was impressed by how it was winding, curving, looping, it even had dead-ends and challenges along the course. 
It reminded me of life. 
Life never goes in a straight line. 
Even when we make a plan. 
Especially when we make a plan. Right? 
What’s that quote? “When we make a plan the Universe laughs.” 

My journey started with me growing up in Tasmania, going to University to study Psychology and then Tourism Marketing; travelling to Africa, UK, Europe, Asia, South America, Egypt and then working on cruise ships around the US and Caribbean, as an entertainer and teaching my meditation classes. And now I run my own business coaching people to take care of themselves. 
None of that was planned at the beginning. 
How could I have known that this was how it would all unfold? 

Although my ‘life-hopscotch’ does have a theme … it all centres around me being happy and helping others to do the same. You might like to call that my purpose. 
One of my mentors said to me “Pip, your job is not your purpose, your career is not your purpose … it’s the essence underneath them … the driving force behind them, that’s your purpose.” 
What is your theme?

The other cool thing that happened while I did my ride, was I saw a very big and noisy flock of Black Cockatoos. 

Scott Alexander King says that Black cockatoo teaches the lesson of SURRENDER. 
“Black Cockatoo demonstrates the patience that can only come when we accept that we cannot possibly know everything at the beginning of the journey and that wisdom will present itself at the appropriate time. She helps us take control of life by insisting that we grow at our own pace and learn what we need to know in our own time. She encourages us to just sit in contemplation and wait for life’s mysteries to unfold without consciously seeking answers. She teaches us to trust, encourages us to confront our fears, to go with the flow and to embrace all new opportunities as they present themselves. This period of uncertainty and chaos that you’re going through will soon be over, so be patient, as it will soon pass.” 

What a perfect message from Black Cockatoo for this holiday season. Huh? 

So, this holidays season if you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed – take a breath – and ask yourself ‘what will truly make ME happy?’ … Not just ‘who else do I need to take care of?’
How your ‘life-hopscotch’ unfolds is not about anyone else but YOU. 

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