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This week’s blog is about LOVE … yep … it’s something that everyone thinks about and wants and, in truth, we need to survive.
Barbara de Angelis (author of many great books including “The Choice for Love”) says that if you want to connect with your next partner or soul mate, you need to know and trust that they are also wanting to connect with you.
And because the Law of Attraction states that we draw into our lives that which we focus on consistently – it is important to focus on the partner and not the WANTING of the partner or the LACK OF the partner. Because that is what you will continue to attract.
Barbara says that one of the ways you can bring the perfect person to you is by writing a letter to your partner or soul mate as if they are ALREADY here … which they are in divine energetic terms …
So, you don’t know his/her name or what he/she looks like yet, but they are transforming and researching to be ready JUST LIKE YOU. Your higher self is protecting you until you (and they) are ready to meet.
Take time to learn how to give yourself love, so that you can come together as equals and not be trying to complete the other person.
Don’t rush into a partnership when you are still working out your own issues.
Once you write your letter, then you can read your letter daily to keep the vision clear and stay focused.
I have posted below my letter below as an example …
May you find the love and joy.
Blessings Pip xxx
p.s. Happy Valentine’s day

Dear beautiful man,
I am so excited to meet you. I’m getting ready to have you in my life – as I’m sure you are too – I’m letting go of past boyfriends who hurt me, cheated on me, disrespected me and didn’t communicate with me effectively. I am learning how to be open and passionate and honest again. I am allowing myself to spend time with men of all types – but especially who are spiritual and sensitive and strong and sexy. I am letting go of the need to have someone tell me what to do and be.
I look forward to you being here and having deep and meaningful philosophical discussions and also playful, silly ones too! I look forward to laughing and sharing my joys with you. I am excited to introduce you to my family and have them love and understand you, as much as you do them. I am aware we will have differences and sometimes disagree and I am willing to talk things through and make change when necessary.
I am willing to grow with you and support you in achieving your dreams and I know you will do the same for me. I know there is not biological children in my current life but I’m happy to support you in your parenting of your own / if you have any. I’m a passionate and generous lover. I love touching you. I love how you touch me. I know you are someone who I can learn from and share ourselves fully.
I feel connected to you – even though I’m not sure of the day we will meet. I love you. See you soon. Thank you.

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