Let’s talk about hot angels …

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This week’s blog is about angels …
Sometimes I like to meditate and imagine that my guardian angels are really sexy, hot men … 
I mean … who doesn’t right? L.O.L
But seriously, when I first learnt about how to communicate with angels I was in my training with Doreen Virtue in QLD. 
She was talking about all of the 15 different Archangels and their specialties … 
**I will send you the list of the Archangels and their coloured light / special skills for your Friday Freebie (look out for it). 
It was fascinating. I had never really thought about the possibility of a TEAM of angels helping us with our lives. 
Then we did an exercise to discover who our personal guardian angels are.
This was a revelation to me too … I didn’t grow up talking about angels …
I mean I’d heard of them … but I was excited to know that I had my own guardian angels I could ask for help.
You can do this exercise if you like … it’s very simple.
1. Sit in a quiet space … in nature works really well … but your living room chair is good.
2. Close your eyes … take three (3) deep breaths.
3. Ask in your mind – or out loud – “Dear guardian angels, please come into this room and let me know you are here.” 
4. Pause and feel for any changes in air pressure or heat / tingling nearby
5. Then ask – “Dear guardian angels, please tell me your names.” 
6. Pause and listen, feel, sense their answer.
7. You may think of a name that is a good friend or a family member or maybe it will be an unusual sounding name.
8. Don’t logically override … trust what your angels give you.
9. Last step is to ask your guardian angels – “Please show me a sign in the next week to confirm that these names I heard are correct.” 
10. Then be open to getting your confirmations.
This is a great way to start trusting your intuition and hearing / confirming your angel’s guidance.
My guardian angels are Rosa and Andrew … (and yes he is very hot … much like the guy in the photo below … wink). 
If you’d like to learn more about how to communicate with your angels … you could book in for the 5-week “How to communicate with your guardian angels course” – at Wonthaggi Mitchell House – starting Tuesday 16th October @7pm.
​Investment: $100 (concession) / $150 (adult) / $120 (teens).
I look forward to meeting you soon. 
Blessings Pip x

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