January 28th – Week 4 – I got 17/48 on the money health quiz

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This week I started the Heal Thy Money Mindset course with Angela Maree.
I have to say I am excited to shift my money situation … yes!! Go me!!
Taking the power back and educating myself feels great. 

But honestly, I am scared of what I’ll uncover is holding me back. 
There is OBVIOUSLY something holding me back … right?
I mean, if there wasn’t I’d already be a millionaire author / teacher … travelling the world … donating my time to charities that empower women … and going to Oprah’s for Super Soul Conversation podcast recording sessions. 

So, what I’m saying is … I’m worried … 
What if the beliefs that are holding me back are stupid? 
What if I’M too stupid to understand how money really works?
What if the beliefs are trivial, dumb and I can’t make excuses for not taking action anymore?
What if I’M not capable of taking the steps necessary to be financially free?
What if the beliefs holding me back are an integral part of my family’s mindset and I’d alienate them by changing?
What if I become wealthy and my family don’t love me anymore?
What if …
What if …
What if …

Is it just ME? 
Do YOU think like this too?
What if … these worries are beliefs in disguise?
Ohhhhhhhh yes … sneaky … huh?

Well, there is a saying ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ – and I finally understood what this statement really meant (in practise) while writing and publishing my book last year. This growth step … of doing this Money Mindset course … feels the same.
Eckhart Tolle says that human beings need to have challenges to grow, as individuals and as a society.
This makes SO MUCH SENSE to me! 
Don’t we grow the MOST when we are faced with challenges?
If life was easy all the time, we’d just stay the same. 

So, what to do now?
Well, I will soothe and support myself by:
a) doing the exercises in the course with complete honesty … what’s the point otherwise? 
b) celebrating the little wins … for example: I got 17/48 (35%) on the Money Health Quiz … turns out my money health is okay.
I thought I’d only get 5/48 … Yes!! High five!!
c) sharing my fears with trusted friends and people in the course.
d) taking small steps forward (action shifts anxiety).
e) reminding myself of WHY I am doing this course (to be more financially aware and secure).
f) being MY OWN cheerleader … there is no-one better than you to lift you up.

I will keep you updated about my revelations and AHA moments.
And if you are interested in checking out Angela Maree’s website it’s www.healthymoney.co
Blessings Pip x

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