January 22nd – Week 3 – Here is your UN-TO-DO list

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So, I suspect you have spent most of January trying to DO the items on your list of New Year’s Resolutions … right?
Okay, how’s that going for you?

Most people say that after about a week … they have put the list in a drawer (or the bin) and stopped thinking about it.
And I TOTALLY get it! I’ve been there. 

So, my suggestion to you is to try something different …
I’d like you to consider an UN-TO-DO list … 

1. Energy-zapping people … UN-TO-DO them by giving yourself space. You know who I’m talking about. Those people who drain you when they speak to you on the phone. Those energy-vampires. Yep that person you are thinking about now … THEM. Take a step away. Take a step back. Don’t answer the phone every time. Just take a breath and UN-TO-DO them. 

2. Energy-zapping food …  UN-TO-DO this by taking a bit more notice of how your body feels. You can make better choices. You’ve done it before, I’m sure. Maybe you could drive home today and make something yummy, rather than stopping at KFC on your way home from work. It’s about UN-TO-DOING each day. Baby steps.

3. Over-doing the over-thinking … UN-TO-DO it by distracting yourself. First you stop and check-in when your mind is starting to go crazy about the annoying boss, the messy housemate or how badly you did on that project. Ask yourself ‘Is this thought going to make me feel better or worse?’ … here’s a tip – it usually IS going to make it worse …
Second, DO ANYTHING ELSE … get up, make a cup of tea, go to the other room, pick up a book, change the channel, do a push-up, roll over, walk outside or round the block, ring a friend and talk about THEM, … your mind will go where you tell it. 

4. Obsessively being on Social Media vs Socialising … UN-TO-DO this by putting your phone in your bag instead of on the table during meetings or meals. You can also practise calling people, instead of texting or sending messages online. We are social beings. We need other humans to survive. When I re-connect in a real way and I feel 100% better. 

5. More hateful than grateful … UN-TO-DO this by practising not judging others (or yourself) and instead, loving & supporting others (or yourself). This one is easier said than done.  I like Louise Hay’s morning meditation – she takes you through a process of saying thank you to your bed, your toaster, your shower … all those ordinary things that make our lives more comfortable. The power of gratitude is seriously underestimated.

6. Doing someone else’s TO-DO list rather than your own Soul List … UN-TO-DO this by noticing how you feel when you go about your daily routine. Those feelings of frustration, resentment and dissatisfaction are a great indicator of not being on your Soul’s path. You can start feeling a lot better about your life by adding more things on your Soul List into your day.  I like to aim for 50% things I do for me and 50% things I do for others. 

7. Focusing on what you can’t control … UN-TO-DO this by knowing the truth … and the truth is … you can control what YOU think. You can control what YOU do. You can control what YOU believe. Love yourself enough to stop trying to control anything else. 

If you need help to create or implement your UN-TO-DO list, let me know.
Pip x

p.s. The UN-TO-DO list was created by Karen Salmansohn – https://www.notsalmon.com/

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