January 14th – Week 2 – Yep … I was very ‘judgey’ …

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This week’s blog is about money … the truth about my money.

​I’m reading a book right now by Brene Brown (called ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’) and she talks about the power of being vulnerable and sharing shame.

As I read, honestly, I am triggered.
As I write this blog now, I am triggered.
You probably are too.

I’m thinking about all the things I could be sharing, but I’m not because I’m ashamed.
I’m thinking about what it would be like to be powerfully vulnerable.

So, in line with the theme of my book and my business of teaching people how to honour their authentic self, I am going to share something with you.

Did you know that people get more triggered by conversations about money than they do about sex? True.

In December I decided to finally look at my money with honest eyes, and it was clear I needed to radically change my money mindset.

So I spoke to a debt consolidation company and I was advised, based on my circumstances (personal loan and credit cards from 10 years ago), to declare bankruptcy. I was VERY reluctant to consider this.

I was triggered with shame and pride.
I didn’t want to be ‘that sort of person’.
What sort of person?
A person who didn’t manage their money well. A person who failed with their money.
Yep … I was very ‘judgey’!

But I realised that I needed to accept that I had NOT managed my money well. That was the truth.
I needed to accept and forgive myself for money decisions from 10 years ago that I couldn’t afford or sustain anymore.

And I needed to be willing to consider the option being offered to me.
So I got lots of advice – accountants, financial advisers, my sister (grin) … and I decided to accept the offer.
The process was surprisingly painless.
It was the most loving thing I could do for myself.
It will not affect the running of my business at all.
The main thing that is affected is that I can’t get credit for the next 3 years – and since I’m not planning on owning a home anytime soon, not being able to get a credit card or personal loan is probably the best thing anyone has ever done for me. 
I will be forced to live within my means and save for anything I really want.

I also booked in for a 10 week “Heal Thy Money Mindset” course (with Angela Maree).
Check out her website: https://healthymoney.co/

Most importantly, I’m now moving into the new decade feeling lighter, more relaxed and more excited … without the anchor of my past money mindset. I’m calling it “The Buzz Light-year Project” … TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!! 

Did you know that 28,000 people go through this process every day? … I know?! WTF!? Right??
It is a lot more common that we know.

Did you know that speaking out about our shame reduces the pain. (P.s. it works with fear too.)

If you would like to share … to help alleviate your shame … you are welcome to reply to my email.
I will deeply honour that sharing and hold your heart (and the information) in confidence.

Blessings and love.
Pip xx

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