January 14th, 2017

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Yep, it is already week #2 of 2017 and I have not had a chance to do my weekly blog yet. All good intentions huh?
So, this week I wanted to give you my 3 TOP TIPS on how to stay at a HIGH INSPIRATION LEVEL and FOLLOW THROUGH with your 2017 plans.
I have recently decided to do a trip to Canada and Europe with my sisters in Sept/Oct this year. On Thursday I was VERY excited. On Friday I was excited but starting to wonder ‘how?’. And today I have done some basic calculations of how much I need to save and I am (honestly) … wavering in my inspiration level … I am … as the Dalai Lama says … ‘with doubt’.
I know that it is totally normal to feel like this when you make a big life goal. Change can be scary or exciting. Depends on how you look at it.
I have read that ‘Motivation takes effort. Inspiration makes things easy.’ Because motivation is based on a ‘should’, whereas inspiration is based on a ‘want’. Of course, it is a lot more inspiring to move towards something we want right?
So, the next steps are VERY IMPORTANT …
1. Keep reading, researching, talking about the trip DAILY – this will keep the excitement alive and increase your INSPIRATION LEVEL. You need this to keep saving and planning for the next 9-12 months.
2. If you are traveling with friends or family – set dates to meet, talk, plan and get excited together. The more people that are involved increases the INSPIRATION factor.
3.  Spend time at the beginning setting your budget and working out your savings and then PUT ALL YOUR ATTENTION on the ‘what am I going to see, feel, learn and experience’ … this is your leverage towards the goal.
Happy planning … Blessings Pip x

Motivation V’s Inspiration – ref: http://www.s3businesssolutions.com.au/-127407832-128189419-128191709-128192334-128192483

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