I’ve not bought a SINGLE GIFT! Aaaaaarrrgghhh …

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This week’s blog is about being kind to yourself at Christmas … 
​At this time of the year our ego is in overdrive.
It pushes us to compete and struggle and let’s just be honest, try to buy people’s love. 
Honour this truth. This is a safe space. I’ve got you. 
I will always encourage you to take care of yourself. 
But at this time of the year I always see clients who are totally losing their centre.
I have a few tips for you to find your way back.
Be willing to take a step back this year. 
Take a moment to BE loving and kind to others. 

1. Give the gift of time – spend time ALONE as much as you can to recharge … and then when you spend time with people – make it quality time rather than giving them a token. Go for coffee and chat. Go for a walk and talk. Enjoy some time in their (or your) garden or park or beach. Relish the time. 

2. Give the gift of service – gift vouchers with skills that are uniquely yours … eg. car maintenance class, change a tyre on a bike (or car) class, how to scrapbook class, how to knit class, 30 minute reiki energy healing session, how to take a good photo class, 30 minute massage, how to use Facebook or Instagram, how to load the dishwasher so it cleans everything perfectly, how to download photos from your phone, or some other skill that you are good at but other people can’t do. We don’t realise how many skills we have. 

3. Play – this time of year is supposed to be about love and joy. But we seem to fill it with stressful events. Find time to play games, watch funny movies, listen to happy music, or tell silly stories with your family and friends. They don’t have to be Christmas themed. Just make sure they are joyful and high vibrational. 

4. Simplify – sometimes we think that the only way to have a good time is to have a BIG AFFAIR. That is not true. How about taking the pressure off yourself. Try less food, less rules, less people and see how much less drama there is. 

5. No obligations – I give you permission to NOT GO if you don’t feel good about the event or the people. You are allowed to protect your beautiful self. It is not your responsibility to make everyone else happy. Make a promise to yourself to honour YOU this year. If you still choose to go to the event – give yourself a time limit – and then graciously make your exit when you feel yourself feeling overwhelmed or upset.  

Mike Robbins … says in his book ‘Nothing changes until you do’ … that the common denominator in all your relationships is YOU. 
He says to recognise the pattern -> acknowledge -> fortive and then change.
Rather than recognise the pattern -> acknowledge -> punish and repeat it. 

My wish for you this year to be loving, kind and honour yourself this Christmas.
I’m here is you need some help.
Blessings Pip x
p.s. My 30 minute Reiki Recharge offer (with free ‘what the expect for 2019’ numerology) is still available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays until 22nd December. Other services are also available – give me a call on 0437 670 820 if you are not sure what you need. 

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