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This week’s blog is about gratitude and surprising ways that abundance comes into your life …
This Easter weekend there was not much going on … until my sister (Marnie) called to ask if I’d like to help out at the Phillip Island Winery. I figured since I work on my own most of the time, it was a good social opportunity, so I said ‘Yes!’
And in a another lovely turn of events my other sister (Erica) said she would come down to help out too. So, we got to have Easter all together as we worked, laughed and played.
It was a real delight to work for Tim and Trish. They were so welcoming and generous. What a pleasure to be around people who constantly thank you for your time and effort. 
The hours passed so quickly we didn’t even feel our sore feet and aching backs until we stopped moving. 
It has reminded me that there are business owners who truly appreciate and love their staff. It has given me hope. It has filled me with joy. 
My wallet is full of not just money but also my heart is full of gratitude. 
And yes, my feet and back need a good soaking in the bath with lots of epsom salts and essential oils … but those aches are a reminder of a fun weekend. 
Thank you to the Phillip Island Winery and my sister for this Easter gift.
Hope your Easter weekend was filled with blessings.
Look forward to seeing you soon. 

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